Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicks Rule!

Yes, I've finished Chicks Rule!

Chicks took me 4 days to finish, and it was a fun stitch. Yes, Natasha, I've seen the new LK kit for this year. Very cute!

And the waiting game still goes on :(. A week ago I emailed the INS where I ordered the LL fabric and the Winter Sky fabric is still on backorder but the other fabric has arrived at their shop. I just told them to save the fabric and send it along with Winter Sky whenever it comes in. Sheesh! A pet peeve I have of some of these INS's is that you never receive emails about what the holdup is. After 2 weeks, I'm assuming that they've had to order fabric or thread. In commiserating, I've started a new project, just an old design of three baseball players on linen from an old cross stitch calendar. And once again, it's full of fractional stitches and backstitching. I'm starting WIP's for the 2012 Up for a Challenge!! No good time like the present, huh?! People, I have so many kitted up designs ready to go that I shouldn't even be adding new stuff to the pile. I am looking forward to retirement when I can just sit and stitch all day! And the funny thing is all these same kitted up projects will STILL be there waiting for me to start on them LOL. That 's still a ways off, but it's something to look forward to!

All day Sunday, I had to throw a case study paper together, about 6 pages for my Medical Ethics class due last night at 11:59 p.m. I got it in at 10:30 p.m. My procrastinating is rearing its ugly head! I'd rather stitch.

Well, folks, here's hoping your day will be full of stitching!


  1. Cute finish!
    I do hope you get that linen soon

  2. What a cute finish! It's so Spring-like.