Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finished finishes, finally!

I finally have some finishes to show off, 3 of the 4 freebies that I stitched in March
I trimmed this pincushion with chenille trim and filled it with lizard sand or crushed walnut. My first try with attaching chenille trim (shhh..I glued it on!). The next freebie I turned into a hanging pillow
I used mother-of-pearl buttons to attach the sheer ribbon at the corners and to decorate the middle with three buttons. I was in a quandary of how to finish this. I sewed it up last weekend but it sat for the week. And last but not least...the carrot!

I used the same chenille to trim this and put a small amount of the crushed walnut at the bottom to give it some weight and filled the rest of it with stuffing. Can you see the 3 pink buttoms that are on the lawn? And I had the green check fabric on hand. I'm so glad I finally finished these because they were yelling at me everytime I passed by!

And now onto my 1st Crazy January Challenge finish...drum rolllll, please!

Tweet Gift
2010 JCS Ornaments
called for fab and threads
 You can't see it but there's silver metallic in the middle of the snowflakes and the momma bird's hat and pompom. I may make this a pinkeep. I was almost done with another CJC ornament but I ran out of the thread so I put it down and picked up Tweet. This took some marathon stitching to get it done!

At the end of March I managed to finish up one last ornament but I never put a pic up so here it is
I didn't frame it but it sure looks nice with that frame doesn't it? I will frame my own stuff every now and then but only when the fabric is Aida because it's so easy to line it up. This design is called Rejoice and I got it from the 2009 issue of JCS Ornaments. Those are white beads for the snow. So now I'm two ornaments ahead for this Christmas. Once I can, I'll finish the other ornament when I order the needed WDW thread.

I sell stuff on eBay to raise a little money for things like gas and a few groceries to tide us over. My employer has us on a weird pay period, there's 15 or so days in between paychecks so any little bit helps. I hit the local Goodwill's looking for stuff to sell when I came upon a great find-these Halloween fabrics
Cute huh? I especially like the upper right-hand fab. It's covered with partying witches! They're a good size too. Now I've gotta decide whether I sell them on eBay or keep them for Halloween stitching!

I love working with woolfelt applique and these hopping bunnies are competing with stitching for my time

I have all the blanket stitching of the two bunnies and two 1/2 stars left. Then I've got two tongues to stitch together and then to the left and right edge. The backing goes on somehow. I've misplaced the pattern though! So for now it just sits!
Time for me to hit my stitching corner of the couch while I listen to Rescue Me. What a crazy show with the ghosts! My daughter is gone right now otherwise I wouldn't watch it! I'm stitching on another CJC project but have found that I'm needing a couple of WDW threads! Sheesh! Obviously I didn't kit up everything right what with all these missing threads.

Happy Mother's Day to you all! I have a Mother's Day each day when I don't have to tell my daughter to do her homework, when she calls to let me know she's running late, and a myriad of other 'surprises'. Enjoy the day! Thanks for stopping by and as always, I'm grateful for your comments!


  1. Your stitching and finishing are lovely! Aren't you supposed to glue the trim on? I'm afraid I have very limited finishing experience. :) Your ornaments are so cute! And I love the bunnies too!
    Happy Mother's Day! :)

    1. You know, I always assumed trim was sewed on! That meant a lot of bloggers who do a lot of trim were elevated to hero worship by me because I once sewed a big black satin cord onto a Halloween pillow and that was work, I tell ya! Any experts on finishing out there that can tell us if you sew on trim or glue it on? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks Penny!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Shelly!
    What a lovely post. All of your finishes are beautiful. The stitching is lovely and the finishing is fabulous.
    The ornaments are sweet too.
    Great fabric find. I love the bunnies too. I have been thinking of maybe doing a penny rug :)

  3. Congrats on your first CJC finish. Love the little sheep ornament too!

  4. Shelly, you sure have been busy! I love your finishes and the chenille trim is great! I love the carrot with the green checked fabric.

    1. Yup! It was one of those rare bursts of finishing adrenaline! I don't get it all the time. Thanks for stopping in Debbie!

  5. I love your latest creations, Shelly--especially the carrot! And I ALWAYS glue my cording on. It is so much easier and I feel, looks nicer, too :)

  6. Oh wow! You have been busy, and I love all of your finishes! The itty-bitty pink buttons on the carrot are adorable. Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog.

  7. Great finishes Shelly! I hate attaching cording by sewing it on...I always end up poking myself with the needle...and usually swearing a bit too! Maybe with more practice I'll get better at the sewing method.

    I love your carrot....I've made a bunch of the carrot patterns from Cross-Eyed Cricket a few years ago but they were finished as flat ornaments. I tried to find this pattern on her site but it's no longer there. Do you have an electronic copy you'd be willing to share? I believe you did say it was a freebie chart that was issued. Would love to stitch it to go with my all my other carrots!

  8. I just love your finishes. That carrot is just too cute!!

  9. Beautiful finishes! I love the carrot and I think the rejoice ornament is so cute! And yes, it looks great with that frame. Hope you can sell some things on ebay too, but I think you should keep the Halloween witches fabric:-)