Saturday, May 14, 2016


How's everyone?

Montse emailed me and her charts flew off to Spain on Monday! Or was it Tuesday? For a small package, mailing cost was only $2.30. I was expecting over $10 so that was a pleasant surprise. Oh, and thanks for all the comments you all leave. Appreciate it! Special thanks to Dianne for sending me the beautiful tote with the D.C. cherry trees on it. It's nice and large and I've put it to work already! Thanks again!

I don't know about everyone but etsy is beginning to be a problem for me. There is one designer named diana70 whom I have bought a gigantic pattern from and recently I found more patterns I would love to have. She also has a sale going on right now-buy 3 get 1 free! Every single pattern is $6.50 and they come pdf. Her patterns are ginormous, by the way. Here are a few that I'm salivating over!..

I hope these are not blurry. I had to improvise getting these photos saved to my iPad. 

Aren't they lovely? I especially like Kiss of the Siren, this last one. Lots of blues and turquoises. But since I like to complete things in order, for next year I plan on tackling some of these big patterns that I have had for awhile, one is a Scarlet Quince..
Stitch count-235w x 163h. Not real big but for me, big! I also have a 9" x 26" WIP on Aida that I would like to return to..

I have just one dress stitched. Before when I didn't know anything, I wrapped the edges with masking tape so this still has tape on it! Like most people, I started out on Aida.

I also have 3 HAEDs that are quite large!

Just some little planning for the future. I would like to have the 30 WIPs I have done before I start on these huge patterns. Well, one can dream right?!

I joined an exchange that Terri from DixieSamplar is holding on FB. I see her blog hasn't been updated lately. Cut off date was the 11th. It's called the Very Merry Unbirthday Pynkeep Exchange 2016. All we do is stitch up a pynkeep 5 inches or so, send a card along and that's it. No stress in wondering if you bought enough extras. There's the big Halloween exchange coming up so search for Dixiesamplar's Exchange Group on FB if you want to join in for that. 

No, I'm not doing the Facebooking and Instagramming thing. I Facebook, have two accounts but I just like blogging! I can only do so much social media-ing!

So my goal was to not be picture heavy and have a short story instead of a novel and I think I met it. I'm stitching the exchange piece, and finishing up #spookyselfies which is looking really good. I just ran out of WDW Mascara for it but luckily I had ordered that and a few more other threads and should be getting that real soon. It's cute!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you get to stitch all day!


  1. Good to hear from you and I'll have to check out that Etsy dealer as well. I just bought 10 patterns from Neni I think it was and they're all large as well. Like you I need to get some WIPs complete before I start another big one. Good luck with the willpower!

  2. Beautiful charts. I love the Native American chart.

  3. Those native dresses are absolutely perfect for a home in Arizona. I also love the new header. You always manage to find such pretty ones!

  4. Great charts Shelly. Good luck with the wip's.


  5. I am in the midst my first large cross-stitch at the moment and I have two more in my stash.
    I think those will be it for me. I really like projects that are a little quicker. Then again, that is what I am saying now. I really like the couple in the rain. I used to use masking tape on my edges when I first started stitching. I have a WIP that still has it on also. Enjoy your stitching.

  6. Wow! Those charts are amazing--I know I would never have the patience to tackle one of those, but I'll enjoy watching your progress, Shelly! I remember taping the edges of my fabric, too, back in the 80s :)