Monday, April 18, 2011

As the World Turns

And turn it did! My vertigo got worse Friday, prompting a trip to the ER Saturday morning. CAT scan, EKG all came up normal. The EKG because I was freaking out over the bad vertigo event and I felt like my heart was racing, the CAT scan because although I've had vertigo before, this episode felt worse with no break in the severe dizziness. I was prescribed Valium, and it's made me feel better. I haven't tried to drive yet, but I have to go to work tomorrow. Don't worry-I haven't had Valium since Saturday night.

Needless to say I didn't stitch at all since Thursday. Today, I tackled a few of my finished stitching. Take a look:
All Hallow's Eve turned into a pillow. The backing is a nice homespun cotton with colors that match those of the front. The pincushion is a Sharon Crescent/Diane Williams for Crescent Colours collaboration freebie, whew! I used the called for WDW French Vanilla linen and CC thread, sewed 4 buttons on the left and stuffed it with the lizard sand. The linen was perfect because it had splotches on it, giving it a prim look. 
And in keeping with my unfocused stitching, here's what I started last week before I got sick:

I feel like I don't get anything done stitching this way. The ABC's will probably be laid aside as I pick up on Winter at Beacon Hill. After that, who knows?! If only there were 28 hours in a day!

That's it folks! Hope the week is great for you and spend it stitching!


  1. Great stitching and finishing!!!

    I hope that you don't have any more episodes of vertigo. I've had it once and thought that it was the most horrible thing to go through.

  2. Vertigo is awful, i've had that before. I hope it completely goes away for you soon. Your finishes are beautiful and I love your new start.

  3. Grats on the finishes. I've never made anything into a pillow. I don't sew, lol, I only stitch!! Anyways, great job! I hope you feel better soon. Vertigo is scary.