Thursday, April 28, 2011

Morning all!

First of all-Giveaway at Edgar's! Head on over to It's his 4th Blogoversary and he has something special planned for his giveaway! His postings are always fun to read. If you haven't read his blog, now's the time to do it.

Onto other news:

Alphabet Rhyme by Little House Needleworks is finished!

Alphabet Rhyme-LHN
28ct mystery linen
called for CC thread
This last pic is an experiment to get those close-up shots like I see other bloggers have. I'm not sure how they do it but I'll keep trying! I'm breathing a sigh of relief because I ran out of CC's Hickory Sticks for the 'with m' at the bottom, so I used GAST Dark Chocolate instead and I must say, it's hard to see a difference! FYI: an extra skein of CC Hickory Sticks may be required! Anyway, it's a fun stitch, and didn't take long. I have one other LHN pattern in my possession and as soon as I can, will start it too.

I am now going to give my full attention to Winter at Beacon House and here is my progress as of now:
That's a lot of border! See the red border at the top right? Well, it goes much further than that! It'll be long, for sure. I am dealing with all that extra fabric as I stitch, just flipping it back and forth! I'm going to start filling in the sand and snow below that black fence left center because I'm weary of border stitching. At this rate I'll be done with this around February or March of 2012! But that'll be fine because then I can use some of my tax return to pay for the framing!

As for the WIP front: nada, nope, no way! Nothing going on there. My witch on the broom (see the WIP label) will get done in time for Halloween though. I try to make enough stuff to hit some of the craft fairs in this area in the Fall and before Christmas. I have finished 7 WIP's, so I feel I have enough leeway to start new stuff.

My vertigo has gone down some. I still have to sit up in bed very slowly but not like it was last time. I haven't had to use the Valium for it. I just take my time and try not to move too fast.

Spring has finally sprung around here. Yesterday morning it was still near freezing but it warmed up nicely. If only these crazy winds would die down some..although come June and July, I'll be wishing for them to come back. It'll get hot then, around the 90's and higher.

Thanks for your comments! I get so giddy with happiness when someone leaves a comment! I know, get a life! Being that it's Thursday, I'm wishing everyone an early happy weekend. I will be one of the crazies waking up in the early a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding and then onto work at 8 a.m. Saturday! I better turn on that coffee machine as soon as I get in there.

Spend it stitching!

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