Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Afternoon all!

My, how time flies. It's hard to believe the 28th of April was my last blog. I've been spending most of my time, outside of work, stitching on WaBH (Winter at Beacon House). Here's what it looked like before:
And what it looks like now:

I'm enjoying the Algerian eyelet trees with one under production. I believe there are 3 more on the other side. I normally avoid specialty stitches but these are going well and looking nice. The hardest part of stitching this design is all the sand and snow. I'm looking forward to stitching the alphabet and all the animals and the people on the beach.

School is almost over! Yay! I've finished one class already and have a test to do today for the other one. Sadly, I dropped Algebra some weeks ago. I was stressing over it and felt I had to drop it to save my sanity! Because my degree in X-ray tech depends on 3 Algebra classes-beginning, intermediate, and college-I may be looking at a change in what I want to do. I definitely want to stay in the medical field. So I'll start looking into Phlebotomy. It was my dream to become an X-ray tech but the college I attend chooses only 10 students per Fall to attend the Radiology tech classes, which would mean 3 more years of school, and its a requirement to take classes semester after semester. Not to mention there are dozens upon dozens of students enrolled in the Radiology tech program. I will be looking into vocational schools that offer Radiology tech degrees without Algebra. They're mostly down in the Phoenix area though.

Well, this was a short post. I'm going to get back to WaBH now. Enjoy this day all you Moms out there!
Spend it stitching!

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