Saturday, October 6, 2012

Come back, come back!

is what I say to my one absconded follower. I went from 68 to 67 followers and now back to 68. Thanks Shannon for being 68!

I'm amazed that nearly 1 month has gone by since my last post. Everytime I checked on my blog, I saw the date of the last one and kept thinking that I needed to post something! I've had some attention-stealing things happen in the last week of which I will mention one somewhere on this post. So keep reading!

Two posts ago I mentioned I was starting Wooly Wednesday. Well, Wooly Wednesday turned into Wooly Monday and Tuesday! I've finally finished up these hopping bunnies
It feels good to finally have a woolfelt finish! The black tongues were supposed to be blanket stitched in a perle cotton the same color as the moon and stars but I though it would look garish so I left that off. Besides, I was so tired of blanket stitching! I finished it up with that homespun cotton backing that matched the green of the grass and the smaller tongues. I began cutting out the black wool and felting it earlier this year sometime so I'm glad it's done!

Now I have the woolfelt mini tree skirt to finish and as soon as I find my large beads, it'll get underway. I'll probably keep it because we put up two mini Christmas trees on a table because of our cats who would knock down a larger tree. I can just see it waking up one morning to find the whole thing toppled over with broken ornaments. I like glass ornaments because plastic ones just doesn't seem right. I do have a mix of plastic and glass though! Some years are better than others financially!

I finished my exchange stitching about 2 or 3 weeks ago! I need some trim from Joanne's or Hobby Lobby so I'll finish-finish the stitching this weekend and of course, I can't show you any of it until she receives it! I was waiting for some extra things one of which begins my rant today! I put in an order for something from an ONS. I had emailed her and asked if this particular item was in stock as I needed just one. She emailed back and said we have more than one. So I ordered it, on September 20th. Everytime I got on her website for an order status, it said order is being prepared for shipping. So the days begin slipping away as they do this time of year. Couple days ago I emailed her to find out what happened to my order. Never heard back. So last night, I did the order status thing and find it has been shipped yesterday. This is why I quit ordering things from them but on the upside are their sales. I ordered this item because it had a better price than the other ONS's. Their item pages show everything and I assume that it's all available. Plus I'm on a time crunch here to get this exchange mailed real soon so she can receive her goodies before Halloween. I'm so looking forward to receiving my goodies from my partner, it'll be like Christmas! I noticed Elaine has started taking people for her new exchange for Christmas. Go check it out and sign up because they go fast! I'm not taking part in that one because I want to stitch more Halloween without interruptions.

I lost my mojo for about 3 days. Never picked anything up, just vegetated on the couch watching t.v. However I finally picked up this cute little stitch and am about finished

All Hallows Mini
Waxing Moon designs
30ct Gold linen (R&R or Weeks!)
using 310 DMC
What an awful pic! Anyway, it's charted for GAST Onyx but I'm using DMC. It's a very Halloweeny design and the scarier-looking the better! As you can see, I just have the wording to go yet which will be done today. I have a pic of the chart below that of my next start

Something Wicked
35ct Havana-Weeks
called for silks
So far I'm just allover the place with this one. I start in the middle and then try to stitch over to reach a border and then to the top. I don't trust myself to start in one of the corners and end up with enough fabric elsewhere. I love this one and I think it'll go fast! Here's the two charts and what they should look like!

Previously I said I was thinking about selling at a craft fair. Well, here's the one happening that's killed that idea. My daughter rear-ended a car on the highway last Saturday. Her car, a Toyota 4runner, is out of commission with a possible cracked radiator, missing alternator belt, and a few other minor things like replacing headlights and cracked side lights. She's ok, was sore for 3 or 4 days from the seat belt (thank God for the seat belt!). The Ford Mustang convertible she hit has a lot of damage to the back end and the two people in it went to the hospital to be checked. I know they'll be hurting because I was rear-ended sometime back and had whiplash. So my main concern right now is to get the 4runner back on the road because using 1 car between us with different schedules has been a b---h! And I'm waiting for the hit to my insurance rate. Great! But I"m glad everyone is okay.

Well, Pioneer Woman is on so I gotta go! Welcome my new follower Shannon! And thank you to the regulars for all your comments last post! I'll promise to post more. Take Care!


  1. Your bunnies look wonderful! As do all your other pieces. You've started some great ones. And I've noticed bloggers coming and going from the followers list. It happens all the time.

    1. Thanks Deb! Yeah, followers seem to come and go.

  2. Your Halloween stitching looks great! I went to a Craft Show yesterday and saw wool felt designs. Your bunnies look wonderful! I don't think I would have the patience to do blanket stitches and keep them even. That's why I love cross stitch so much, because my X's always stay neat since there are holes in the fabric to follow!

    1. It's hard to make blanket stitches even and with the bunnies, sometimes I felt like the stitches were too close. Thanks for coming by!