Saturday, August 30, 2014

My first cube finish!

Yay! Thanks to two tutorials with Vonna and 
Little House Needleworks, I got it done!

This design is Buttons Black by Plum Street Samplers

To me, the wire ribbon on top looks like a big tarantula. I had the piece of styrofoam for awhile, thinking it was  
going to become a cube finish one day. Side note: I'm slowly becoming a hoarder! I see things like that styrofoam
and into my craft room it goes. Here's another view

The fabric for the back has some purple running through it and it matches my ribbon. This was so easy to
This fabric was amongst the bundles of fabric that I bought from Terri of Dixie Samplar fame. Thanks Terri! I knew 
I wanted a classy look to this, nothing with grinning skulls or witches. Both Vonna and LHN don't use any glue   
on this except for Vonna using spray glue to adhere the padding to the styrofoam. Just flat headed pins are used.

I love it!

Thanks for stopping by to see what the big commotion is!


  1. That is a wonderful finish. Thanks for sharing the tutorials!

  2. Love your finish! I stitched this too, but had mine framed.

  3. Beautiful finish! Who would believe it was your first time??!! Laura

  4. Fabulous finish,will have to have a go

  5. Congrats on the awesome finish Shelly.


  6. Halloween will be here before we know it!! Beautifully stitched and finished!!

  7. Beautiful finish! I love both the stitching and finishing fabrics you used. The 2 stitching finishes behind the cube looks great, too!

  8. Oh wow! Your finishing looks amazing!!! :D