Sunday, August 10, 2014

Turtle Trot, Lost and Found, a finish

Morning all!

Yesterday was a great day. Preseason football games, the first episode of Outlander..woohoo.

It's Turtle Trot today and I worked on two WIPs. As usual, pic heavy!

LK Mystery Scary Sampler
Horrid picture. I finally started the bottom portion. Last time, all I had was the 5 blocks with the leaves and the black. my stitching has been in the past month, I have a problem
I have 4 and 1/4 inches below the house to add the lawn, a row of acorns and leaves, and the border. It's not going to happen! This is what I get for being thrifty and buying the fabric separate from the kit. Oh well. I have raised the house to two lines below the black/green line, shortened up the roof, raised the windows to a line below the roof. Because I shortened the roof, I had to pull in the windows. Everything below the windows will be as charted. I will get this framed so I'm trying to leave enough fab at the bottom to do that. I'm thinking the satin stitch portion of the lawn will be shortened up too. Can't leave that out!

And from the Lost and Found Department, here's Pumpkins and Sunflowers! I misplaced this and it's been MIA since the beginning of this year. Here's what I had before

And where I'm at now
This is so much fun, so much that I found myself still stitching at 11pm last night! Ever have a stitching like that where you lose track of time? There will be a good amount of backstitching. This is on Lambswool Jobelan. I'm really enjoying stitching on an evenweave. I always became confused on whether I was supposed to stitch over 1 or 2. 

 I have a finish also
By Pineberry Lane, Lydia Broome Sampler. I saw this sewed up into a pin pillow on another blog and it was very nice. My first thought was a large needlebook since I've never made one. It'll get the lizard sand treatment!

I started another ornament from a JCS ornament mag but not enough work to show it.

I bought more trim, feeding this trim obsession I've got!
From Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

And I up and joined an exchange for the Fall/Halloween season. Over at the Dixie sampler 

Its been a couple of years since I joined an exchange and I'm pretty sure cross stitch gifts are allowed under SFS rules.
It'll satisfy my urge to splurge! Speaking of SFS, Mel has given us a $25 bonus to spend during Market week! So
looking forward to that! 

How about a small Giveaway?! When I found P & S (pumpkins and sunflowers), I came across a couple of things that I don't want. Here's one:
There are tons of patterns in this thing. Here's a few peaks:
There are instructions to put all these different uses together.

Leave a comment saying I Want It. If more people leave the comment, on the 17th, I'll draw a name. I may just throw in a few extras that pertain to the designs in this book just to get you on your way! Open to everyone, overseas too. To heck with the cost of global shipping, eh?!

I also have a few Christmas stitching books that I'll giveaway too in the upcoming weeks.

But today I will be doing this.....

Thanks for your comments as usual! Welcome to the new followers that are following through Bloglovin! Take care.


  1. Great WIPS plus I love the sunflower header! The little finish is also cute. what a nice way to spend a Sun. afternoon, stitching and watching Downton Abbey. Enjoy!

  2. Wonderful progress on all your projects Shelly. Congrats on the cute finish.


  3. What a shame that you are short on fabric, Shelley--hope you can figure out a solution that isn't too hard. Your little finish is so sweet--enjoy the 4th season of Downton :)

  4. Wonderful progress on all your lovely projects. Shame about running short on fabric.

  5. Such a lovely little finish. And so good that you found the magazine with the Pumpkins and Sundflowers design again so that you can continue stitching on it. It's beautiful.

    I know the problem with fabric being too short. I once had cut the fabric too short and unfortunately I can't juts shorten different sections of the design like you are planning to do. Ihope it works out for you.

  6. I'm so impressed that you already came up with a solution for the shortage on the fabric. WOW!! I would not of even thought to shorten in places on the chart - Good to know. Can't tell any difference.
    Your LK sampler looks wonderful. Lovely wips and great progress:)
    love Annette