Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy!

I'm so happy to get back to my WIPs and no-pressure stitching! I finished my exchange stitching and just need to sew it up. I'll send it and everything else next week. That, my friends, is that. Because I love Halloween, I only join the Fall/Halloween exchanges, so it'll be another year before I do that again!

Here we are for Turtle Trot time though and I managed to stitch on 3 WIPs. Here's my problem child-the LK Mystery Scary Sampler. Why problem? Because the fabric is too short, I'm having to leave out quite a bit of the pattern..
I've left enough fabric for framing at the bottom. I can at least get the lawn in with the x's and satin stitch. I wanted to make sure I put in the WDW Kohl and Guacamole border that kind of frames the house area. Here's that border right above the house, below..
which is unfortunately in the shadow! I'll put on my big girl panties and get this stitched up for Halloween. This is how it looked before..

Now, here's Vintage Stars by Jeannette Douglas, another Turtle Trot WIP
And how it looked before..

Just a few more stitches in the bluish Quaker and finishing up the large one in the middle.

And take a look at School Days. I'm building the school house now..
and the flag pole. A first, when I stitched the flag pole, I thought it should be a gray color because they're metal. But then I thought, no, an older style schoolhouse probably had a wooden flagpole back in the day. So now the color will remain.

For August, I asked Mel from SFS if I could please have a Free Month. Here's why..
Strawberry Fields Forever is awaiting its fabric but the others have fabric and fibers. This great shop in Maryland is called Needlecraft Corner They can sell you just the chart or the whole enchilada (fab/floss/chart) at decent prices. They have a simple website where you have to either email or call in an order. Drema is a very nice lady and you can bet I'll order from them again. Next year though! Ha. Spent too much but look at those charts! 

So I'm giving away another cross stitch Christmas book, see last post. It ends this Friday if you're interested.

I've got a load of laundry to get done so I'd better do it! I wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my cube finish. I still stop to look at it! Hope your Thursday is wonderful!


  1. Lovely WIPs! Too bad about the LK but it will be cute anyway. I got sucked into the Blkbrd craziness at market too! Strawberry Fields is my favorite and I am trying to finish a couple more of my WIPs before I start it. How are you restraining yourself??!! Laura

  2. Your WIPS are looking great. The Halloween Mystery Sampler is good just the way you are doing it. Lots of good new stash!

  3. That mouse was tempting me, so I'm glad you got it; I'll live vicariously through you!

  4. Coming along nicely! Love the patterns in waiting!

  5. Great new stash of patterns, they are all fabulous! Love your Halloween wip too!!

  6. You made some good progress this month Shelly. Love your new stash.


  7. Well that really sucks about the linen shortage for the LK mystery sampler. Love the new stash (especially strawberry fields forever) and all the progress updates!

  8. I loved reading this post today and seeing all of the photos! It is always so reaffirming to read cross-stitch blogs so I know that there are many stitcher's out there with the same addiction as I have. I can't stop buying new charts, books and supplies! What a wonderful addiction; keep it up. Happy stitching, thanks for blogging.

    Pam in KS

  9. Very nice progress on your WIPs. And such great new charts. They promise a lot of stitching fun in the future.

  10. I have been stitching the LK mystery sampler too, so sorry to see your's came out short on fabric, it looks great so far anyways!