Saturday, September 19, 2015

Post Frolic, An Apple a Day, and a finish


I am returned from the Dead! I think this might be a quote from a book or something, not sure! It applies to my stitching and blogging mojo, there was nothing, nada, zilch. I stitched enough to have one finish which is below. So I joined the Kitten Stitching and Friday Frolics SAL to jump start my mojo and to remind myself to stitch with FNSI which is always on the 3rd Friday. Well, I forgot FNSI AGAIN! But I remembered the Frolic and here's what I stitched..
Halloween Revelry by the Primitive Needle and stitched for the Sept./Oct. 2009 JCS issue. Here's where I was last time..
This is a Crazy project and so I would love to have it finished before this Halloween but at 40ct fabric, I don't think that's happening!

An Apple a Day. Part of the problem was working on my apples..
I have them completely blanket-stitched and now just have to blanket stitch the base, the round circle, and then attach the apples to the base. It was relaxing to stitch on the apples while bingeing on Longmire! 

Over at the PS SAL, I had this finish, in case some of you hadn't seen it..
It's from the unnamed card but I'm calling it Queen Bee. Took me all of a few hours, the only stitching in the 18 days between posts. This will be a gift. I have some ideas for the FF (Final Finish) of it.

I also finished the item for the Exchange that Dixiesamplar is hosting. I have to the 23rd or 24th to get the whole kaboodle into the mail and sent off. Just glad Terri hooked me up with a fellow countryman or woman! I have a few more things to buy for the package and a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies for the finishing for the Exchange item will be today. So I'm going to be a busy bee today!

Next week, I'm announcing a Halloween Giveaway. I love Halloween as I'm sure most of you know! I've been collecting things through the year and am making two of the items in addition to other stuff. It's more like a Prim kind of Halloween. There won't be any laughing pumpkins or things like that. It'll be great! So if you like/love Halloween, be sure to check these pages out next week. I'm doing it early so the winner can display the items early enough.

Luckily, most of of the things are exempt under SFS rules!

Glad you could stop in. Welcome to the new Bloglovin' followers. Hope me and my stitching are interesting enough! Lol. Take care!


  1. Congrats on the cute finishes Shelly. I love the piece your stitching on now.


  2. I'll have to look up that Halloween design. The bee on the black linen really pops. Your apokes turned out great
    Happy weekend!

  3. Congrats on the finishes they're adorable :) Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as well!

  4. I love your Halloween Revelry start! I have that issue and pulled the threads for the pattern last year. Then I couldn't decide which fabric color to use, and threw it aside. I need to start this one already!

  5. Halloween Revelry is looking great on that fabric.
    The bee is cute, and the apples are so pretty.
    Will that be a candle mat?
    Sounds like you are getting your stitching mojo back.
    You are busy!

  6. I have seen that Halloween design and love it! The apples are great. gGad to hear you are feeling better about your stitching!

  7. Glad your mojo is returning, Shelly!! I so love that Primitive Needle WIP--great choice of fabric, too! Your apples and little PS finish are darling... Enjoy your fall stitching :)

  8. Glad you're back! Tasty little finishes & love your Halloween design.