Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stitch from Stash September + Stash!

First up, SFS Business:

Beginning Balance: $65.51
September:               25.00
Balance:                 $90.51

MONTH: September

SPENT: $66.01 yikes! 

EARNED: $2.00. This was from the PS Queen Bee. I had a finish of my exchange project but lost
     the chart and its measurements. Oh well..

BALANCE: $26.50 Yay!

The WIPs I worked on were Halloween Revelry, the exchange stitching, and Sweet Liberty (my 
    Americana SAL project). That was it.

Just what the heck did I buy?!! Look..
I had been eyeballing the Lady's Sachet for some time now. It's the crown that got me! Peek a Boo from Val's Stuff-isn't that pumpkin cute? The denim gingham for the design will be my first time stitching on that type of fabric. I have a hankering to stitch some smaller Halloween and will start it this weekend. And the LHN pattern, can't wait to start it. And I also bought...
There are some great designs in this magazine, both punchneedle and xs. And.....! Lol...
I had to have this chart. It's a reissue over at Stitching Bits and Bobs. Oh, there are lots more of PS that I would love to have but this will do for now. The pompom trim is exempt from SFS! The other things I bought were the secondhand finds that I talked about a couple posts back maybe.

The exchange project is about done, some final tweaking happening and will be in the mail this weekend. I was wrong about the date to ship. For those of us with partners in the country, September 30th is the mail date. Whew! Scared myself!

Last but not least, it's Halloween giveaway time! The only rule is be a follower! Overseas is welcome except for South Africa. Nothing against South Africans, it just seems that packages to this country get lost! Comment on This post that you would like a chance to win. I may also have a consolation prize. Drawing day is October 7th, exactly two weeks from today, at my bedtime! Also, for the GP, tell me if you wear necklaces or earrings. I think that's it. This fella and his unseen buddy are looking forward to haunting their new homes, wooooooo!


  1. Such great stash! I'm looking forward to the give-away!

  2. Happy Halloween - I would love a chance to win. I am an earring kinda girl.

  3. Love the PS design, its one of my favourites.
    Pls enter me in your giveaway, I am a long time follower and in answer to your question I would go with earrings.

  4. Great post at least you didn't go over! I'd love to be entered :). I wear earrings

  5. Great new stash!!!
    Good luck to everyone who enter your giveaway - please don't enter me.
    Happy stitching!

  6. Excellent stash haul. The purple hues of the floss for the Lady Sachet looks beautiful. Thanks for the contest. I wear everything--LOL

  7. Great stash! I wear necklaces. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  8. Great new stash Shelly. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I don't wear earrings or necklaces.


  9. Lovely stash! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to enter! I wear earrings :-)

  10. Great stash! And I would love to be entered into the giveaway. I wear both necklaces and earrings, but earrings the most.

    Love the ghost! :-)

  11. Gotta love all the PS projects going on right . Who can resist that Santa? I can never say no to an enticing giveaway either, so please sign me up. As for jewelry, I wear both, but would probably prefer a necklace.

  12. Great stash.
    Love that LH ornament.
    The Ghost is too cute.
    I like either necklace or earrings.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Wow! That photo in your header is awesome, Shelly! I would be terrified to be out on that rock like that daring young man... Then again, I get nervous standing on a kitchen chair to reach something out of a high cupboard!

    Great new stash and I'm so glad you are investing in some older PS charts... they are classics :)

    I am not a big jewelry person, but don't leave the house without my earrings--thanks for the chance at your giveaway. And Happy October to you!