Sunday, March 5, 2017

FFO bug stopped by this weekend...

Hi all! Hope your day is going nicely. It's blustery and gray out. Here a coworker said to me last Thursday "Yeah, it's supposed to be in the 80's in Phoenix this weekend, so it'll be at least 65 here". I saw visions of getting my square garden upturned and ready, doing some other yard work. Umm, no. That wind has some teeth so I stayed in yesterday and spent a good 5, 6 hours FFO'ing with my cassette with 80s and 90s music going in my bookshelf stereo with the two cassette player, a 4 CD player, and radio. This thing is about 20 years old and still works! 

FFO's...On Vonna's Flosstube, she swears by a type of stuffing called Mountain Mist fiberloft. Holy Cow, this stuff is good! I bought a bag at Joanne's, a little higher in cost than the polyfill that I always buy. I fired up the sewing machine and made this..
This is the finish I have always wanted. Btw, this is by the Primitive Hare, a freebie. It feels substantial, does not slip around inside like the other stuff, does not leave little wiry strands coming through my fabric...I love it. I'm almost tempted to take everything I have that is in pillow form and restuff with the fiberloft!

These other FFO's I'm not happy with. This little Santa from a PS card..the last finish of February..
What I need is a rotary cutter with the wavy blade. I used my zigzag scissors on the felt and kept cutting and cutting to get it perfect. That's okay, it'll go up on my tree. At least I'm keeping up with my Christmas ornament plan for one or two a month. 

Remember Ewephoria by Mosey n Me? I should have just made this a pillow. I may give it to Goodwill.
I'm going to give the foam/styrofoam flat ornament finish a rest. I'm getting bored with it. After all, with that new stuffing, I see many pillows in my future!

I have progress on the Spooked sampler by LizzieKate...
I had to frog the white letters and leaf out of that last area and now have them all in correctly. I bet if I tried, I could have this finished up this week. Fingers crossed..

I joined two SALs on FB. One is a Mardi Gras one, stitching a Mardi Gras item or something with purples, yellows, etc. Here is mine, actually finished just an hour ago...
I had to take a picture in the hallway because anywhere else it made the colors a bright pastel. I started it on Fat Tuesday, the 28th. Turned out perfect on the black linen. Some of you said to use the black linen. I was undecided between the black and white linen. Love it! EDITED TO ADD: What a dummy I am! I'm not finished because I didn't stitch in the rest of the big right fleur de lis! 

The other SAL is for the letter M for this entire month. So I hauled this out to see the light!..
I know I can finish this this month and will be my March Christmas ornament also. I probably won't find another M project after this, just get back to WIP stitching. I joined another FB SAL for May and that one is to start 15 in 15 days. I have everything ready for that.

Last weekend my daughter and I headed down to Apache Junction, a town near Phoenix, for the Renaissance Festival that is held every year about this time. Because of all the rain we've had, the wildflowers are in bloom. Here is a picture of the desert down near Phoenix somewhere. I took this picture from FB
California Poppies. They do well here, obviously! Isn't that beautiful? Anyway, basking in the sun at the festival was glorious as we left at 8:30 am here and it was 22 degrees. I had my annual funnel cake and spent too much money as usual!

That's all I got, folks! Next Saturday I'm heading to the Attic Needlework for some Market charts I want (just 3 and maybe the floss/fabric for them), a Shepherds Bush limited edition kit, it is so cute (hopefully Attic bought some extras), and a few little things for my exchange partner. I will not spend a lot like previous years. I have a list and will not stray from that. After that, I can send the exchange box off to the recipient. My trip will blow my Stitch from Stash budget to smithereens but that's okay. There are some ladies who spend up to $200 a month on stitchy stuff!

Take care, and have a great week!


  1. Beautiful finishes! Your little pillow looks wonderful!

  2. I think all of your FFO's turned out beautiful.

  3. I think your FFO's look great Shelly. I wish I knew how to do them. Nice progress on your other projects.


  4. You certainly have been busy. The Valley temps are getting warmer and I will enjoy sitting outside more Enjoy your shopping trip.

  5. You certainly have been busy. The Valley temps are getting warmer and I will enjoy sitting outside more Enjoy your shopping trip.

  6. Great finishes, and progress.
    Love the Mardi Gras piece too.
    The Wildflowers are so pretty.

  7. Great stitching & finishing! I do like the snowman flat ornament & your Lizzie Kate stitching too :)

  8. I live down in Surprise and the desert around us has a lovely carpet of green. It is so beautiful, I can't remember the last time we had a green desert. No wild flowers out our way yet but I know they will be lovely this year. Gotta love a wet winter!

  9. I love ALL your finishes, I'll have to remember that fiberloft next time I need some.
    Mardi Gras looks great, the colours are perfect.
    The desert photo is so beautiful, lucky you to see it!

  10. I always love your headers, so beautiful! You did some serious finishing, everything looks just wonderful!!

  11. Beautiful ornaments Shelly, I love the Ewephoria one, you must keep it! It's so pretty.
    Your trip looks interesting, what a beautiful part of the world you live in.

  12. Very productive!! The FFO's look great!! Sounds like you had a good time at the Renaissance festival!!

  13. We did the Renaissance Fair last year, spent all day there and were exhausted for the drive home!

    The black fabric on your Mardi Gras piece suites it much better than white would have.

  14. Your finish with the Mountain Mist looks fabulous, Shelly! I will have to try some of that as they just discontinued my favorite "Touch of Silk" fiberfill :( I was so upset--just loved that stuff and can't find it anywhere now... Love the snowman, too. I don't have a fancy blade yet--should invest in one of those, too (my list for JoAnn's is growing!).

    Oh, just look at those wildflowers--I hope my son in San Diego will take a trip to the dessert to see them during blooming time one of these years.

    Can't imagine spending that much on stash--I am pretty much in a stitch from stash mode right now. Have more than enough to keep me busy!

  15. Well thank you for your vote for Moutain Mist. No one believes me until they try and then they see, I really DO know what I'm talking about. Your finishing is lovely, I don't see a thing wrong with Euphoria. Renaissance Fairs are so fun, we went to one like 5 years ago and I remember drinking mug after mug of root beer. Best good time!

  16. Ooo great post! I love renaissance faires. Great progress and finishes. I adore the Mardi Gras one!