Sunday, March 26, 2017

Winner, exchange goodies, progress

Hi all!

We have a winner for the needles. After doing the folded up paper-in-the-hat routine for two names, I grabbed one of them with Linda's name on it. Linda, you are the winner! I will contact you for your mailing address. Congrats!

Our Easter/Spring exchange run by Teri of the Dixiesamplar has ended and my partner and I have received our goodies. Here is what I sent to Augusta..
Minus the Easter ribbons though! I don't know what it is with these exchanges but I always seem to forget to pack something and those ribbons didn't make the trip (smacking forehead). She liked everything I sent. Here is the chart I used for the cube..
Augusta likes blue so I changed the color of the flowers to blue. It turned out nice.

Here is what I got from Nancy..
As you can see I broke into the chocolate minis already! All of the chocolate was gone in two days! Great exchange. I love everything I received. The LHN chart with the DMC's and that wonderfully framed huge rabbit! The chocolate though arrived melted and they went into the refrigerator right away. The risk of sending chocolate to Arizona in the spring when it's warmer than usual!

I stitched up the latest Frosty Forest block in two days..
The bare area above the fawn is for a button. I finally paid attention to where some of these buttons go. I decided to not let this go into the UFO pile, it's too cute.

After that last block I picked up Vintage Stars..
The latest additions are that big reddish motif with the darker stitching, the half motif on the edge, and the filled up areas in the lighter beige motif next to YZ. Here's the chart showing the other motifs I have yet to stitch..
On some of my earlier posts about this design I mention how the silks arrived in a little bag with no way to identify what was what. The yellowish stitching in the big top motif is nothing like what I used in my version. As a matter of fact, in this baggie there was no yellowish silk like in the model! The two reddish silks are called Brick and Russet. I think the two small identical motifs below the alphabet were supposed to be Brick and the large one I just stitched was supposed to be Russet. I'm pretty sure I got them mixed up! Ugh. When you have silks called Taupe Range, and Dk Mouse, it's anybody's guess what motif gets stitched with what! It's a keeper though and I'll have enough silks to finish it up.

I am putting Vintage away for a bit. I got a headache from it last night and realized I don't have to work on a WIP to finish it, just get some progress made. I'll pick it back up when I get the motivation to do more motifs! 

Jack's Bash by PSS is going on the snaps after I get some housework done today.

Here's that Buttercream Frosting Sampler design that I'm doing for a SAL on April 1st..
Is that cute?! I'm using 36ct Parchment and man, that Parchment fabric looks so much different than what I have bought before. It's super pretty though with the subtle vanilla and pinkish blotches. It's going to be a fun stitch. On 36ct, the design should be 4 1/2" x 6 3/4". At the bottom of this printout it says 2007. That is how long it's been in my stash. That's the beauty of these SALs on Stitch Maynia on FB. There are a lot and joining them has me going through my stash and picking out projects that have been there for months or years. 

One last photo of springtime in the desert of Arizona..
The flowers are called Brittlebrush or bush, along with a wild Burro! No doubt a descendant of burros used during the early days of mining. 

Okay, no more pictures of springtime! Pictures in the summer are like sitting next to a bbq grill and watching the heat waves come off it!

I think this is it! Oh, by the way, my header picture is of my hometown of Prescott. It still gets warm here, hot if you ask me. Last summer the highest temp we reached was 99. That's hot!

Take care, everyone and welcome to the new followers on Bloglovin'. Hope you enjoy it here!


  1. Congrats Linda! Excellent stitching and lovely exchanges.

  2. What a great exchange going both ways! Yes, I agree 99 is very hot however, the picture is still just beautiful. As usual, I love all the stitching you are up to!

  3. Love all of the exchange gifts Shelly. I have never done an exchange. I'm finish challenged. Lovely progress on your pieces. I love the pic of the flowers and burro. When I first looked at the picture I thought it was a rabbit. I love seeing pictures of your area. Don't stop. I was in Quartzsite, Az. in the earlys 80's.


  4. Great exchange pieces, given and received.
    All of you WIPS are looking great.
    Love that Buttercream piece.
    The Burro is too cute. :)
    Have a great week!

  5. Beautiful exchanges... Love the vintage Stars what a great piece. I am enjoying spring here in South Carolina because in a few weeks the humidity will be stiffling

  6. Beautiful exchanges! Great little crosses on your various projects.

  7. Looks like you gave and received some really wonderful exchange items. Your wips are really beautiful.

  8. LOVE the burro picture!! I love love love your sheep block - you are so talented!! I love the nest pin too!! the things you got are lovely - the open chocolate bag made me laugh! Your stitches look wonderful - I can't tell if there is a color mix-up at all!

  9. Oh my, having problems with my email!@ I seem to have lost some of my contacts, could you send me your email!!!!

  10. You sent and received such beautiful gifts, Shelly! A very successful exchange, I'd say :) Lovely projects and I know just how addicting those little chocolate eggs can be--I bought some for my mom last week and ended up eating nearly the entire bag myself!!

  11. Oh what a beautiful exchange. I love the pic. of Arizona in Spring. It's beautiful.

  12. What a lovely post Shelly. I love reading about Arizona, it's so different from where live in NW England.
    I love your sheep cube and the rabbit you received, looks like it was a great exchange!
    I'm so glad you're sticking with Frosty Forest, I love mine and plan to get it framed this year.

  13. Beautiful exchanges and you're working on some lovely projects!

    Your pic of the burro and the springtime flowers is amazing! I have to admit at first I didn't think it was a real burro and enlarged the photo! :)