Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Lazy Day!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been here at this computer for 3 hours now checking out everyone's blogs and what projects they've got going. Wow! It would've been cool to start the Crazy January Challenge where for each of 15 days you start a new stitching project. I definitely have 15 projects that could be started. But that would've been pure insanity for me the join that one, what with all the WIP's I have now. Repeat with me "INSANITY"! So a year from now instead of a few WIP's I'd have close to 30! I say 30 because there are some big projects I'd like to start and those will take some time, time I don't have. I made it past my first week of work but of course, I won't be seeing a paycheck until 2 weeks from now! AARRGGHH! My job will cut into my stitching time. At least I'm working!

I recently finished my first WIP by Mary Engelbreit, and went on to the next but found I'm out of a floss I need and am too lazy to run to Hobby Lobby! So here is what I started on yesterday:

28ct Green cashel linen
CS&NDWK magazine-old issue

Lo and behold, I am out of a certain color of floss too! So I'm working on areas that use floss that I have! I wanted to show off a little quilting/woolfelt project that I threw together before Christmas. First time I've ever done corners and they turned out great!:

Ain't he cute?!

Well, I will bid you adieu, and wash dishes now. I know..lots of fun!

Take care!


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