Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 2nd go-round

Evening all! I just came back from my first class of the spring semester...algebra (yuck). I had to take this subject over again because I didn't keep up with it last semester and I was approaching a big fat 'F', so I withdrew. It's the 2nd go-round.

I now have my 2nd finish of January:

Not Even a Moose
28ct Spruce Green cashel linen
Stitcher's World Dec/Jan '05

All it needs is black beads for his eyes and and the mouse's eyes. There were lots of 1/4 stitches in Moose, and some backstitching, but not a lot.

The next project from the pile is:

All Hallow's Eve
14ct Fiddler's Lite aida
Notforgotten Farm Samplers

I'm not sure how I'm going to finish this one or Moose, for that matter. Moose will fit in a 8"x10" frame...easy to find. I've framed my own stuff before, so it shouldn't be too difficult. As for All Hallow's Eve...I'm thinkin' pillow. There are two other finishes I mentioned further down in my posts that need to be turned into a pillow and a pincushion. If I could get my hands on crushed walnut, I can complete the pincushion. But where, o where can I find some? Michael's, Joanne's and Hobby I come! And I come armed with a long-awaited paycheck!!

As much fun as I'm having conquering my WIP's, I'm afraid it all has to take a back seat to my studies. I have 3 other classes besides Algebra, and I'll have papers to write for at least 2. I will FIND time to get some stitches in though, that much I know!

Have a good rest-of-the-week, my 4 followers and whoever else manages to stumble in!


  1. Congrats on the finish! He is just too cute!

    I've see the walnut shells at Petco here. The bags are with the reptile/small animal bedding. Don't know if Petsmart has it or not.

    Good luck with the algebra class this time! For sanity's sake, you'll have to find time to put needle to fabric once in a while!!!! Stitching is my way to relax even if it's only for 5 minutes.

  2. Thanks Mary! Yes, when things start to pile up, I will grab something to stitch on. Taking a shower and stitching is when I do my best thinking :)

  3. 5 followers. : ) Great stitching projects. Good luck wiht class. (yuck)
    have a fantastic week.