Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hi folks! Betcha thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth! Nope, just busy. As the name of this post implies, I failed.

I'll clue you in....a month ago, on someone else's blog, I said that I was going on a pattern diet because I have enough projects to stitch. Wellll, I jumped off the wagon and bought these:

Yup, I went and did it: The Dampy Sod by Primitive Stitches and Witchy Brew by Witchy Stitches. And I've begun getting all the supplies together for this:

I saw this design (Praiseworthy Stitches) at someone's blog when they first picked it up and promptly fell in love with it. I fell off the diet baaaddd! I still have to buy more threads and a piece of fabric for the winter beach scene though. And I have the fabric for the 2 new leaflets. So it's not too bad!

I'll look at it as reward for doing so good on my WIP'S/UFO'S. I've finished 4 projects to this point and almost done with a fifth. 

School and work are keeping me busy. They are both necessary evils; they'll bankroll my stitching addiction!

I'll leave you with a couple pics of our cats. We have 4, yes 4!

That's Flash, momma to the other 3,

Here's Butter-short for Butterscotch. If I had my stuff together, I would've named him Opie! But when you're faced with 6 other kittens besides him, the thought processes are absent. I managed to find homes for the other 4. Whew!

And there you have it! Next time, I will have a pic up for my WIP progress. And maybe, if I can get them to sit patiently, post pics of the two other cats..the Psycho Sisters.

Have a wonderful day or evening, wherever you're at. And those of you facing the big storm, take care. Here in Arizona we enjoyed 60 degree days for the past week but now the wind is blowing and tonite it's supposed to go down to 9 degrees. But no snow!


  1. Great new charts! You deserve to start something new since finisheing some old ones!

    Cute kitties.

  2. Shelly, we visited Prescott last year and really did like it so we spent about 2 weeks there. We may go back this year sometime. While there, I looked for a needlework store. I found Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn's. In the phone book there were numerous quilt and yarn stores. Are there any places other than those I listed above? You can email me if you like. See my profile.