Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ode to the Mechanically Inclined!

Woo Hoo! My wheels are running again, thanks to my bro who has a thing for mechanics. Thanks Joe!! Right now, it moves and doesn't screech. That screech was the serpentine belt (attached to the alternator, I think) being stretched out and last week, it finally broke. When the alternator went down, the engine continued to draw power from the battery, which took a hit. My brother said the battery was too small for the engine/car and had to buy a bigger battery. So the total price tag for all: two belts (while he replaced the bad belt, he replaced another just because), and the battery--$140.00! The battery alone was $100. I was told taking the car to a shop would've set me back $400-500. So I'm so grateful to have a brother who knows cars. My car needs a few more things, like a new gasket, and CV shafts. Those are things that he can put on himself. But for now, it runs and runs good!

While the car sat outside dead and I missed two days of work, I stitched on my new start. Yes, it isn't the ones I talked about on the last post, but it's a new start nonetheless:
Witchy Brew
Witchy Stitches
Mystery count and fabric

I'm half-way done with this one. I've been neglecting stitching for the Spooky Stitcher's SAL. So Witchy Brew satisfies that. I've ordered GAST Cherry Wine from one of my favorite ONS's-J.J.'s Collectibles and should be getting that sometime next week. I'm needing Cherry Wine for WaBH. I'm taking a break from the witch on her broom right now. I'm just so giddy I have wheels again!

This morning I headed out to a not-for-profit 2nd hand shop to look for stuff to sell on eBay. I found some paperbacks (for me), a Jim Shore cross stitch pattern (this'll go on eBay), and what I consider to be a great find, these plates:

No cracks, no chips, nothing! Wonderful folk-artsy plates by Jim Shore, all for .49 cents each. I walked out of there with $4.00 less and smiling. I'll be putting these on eBay also.

Man oh man, has summer hit! Last week the temp's been around 94, 95. It seems we went from winter to summer in two weeks. First part of June, I was still pulling on a blanket in the morning! The dew point has been hovering around 10%, humidity at 20%. I get zapped from everything I touch. As that famous saying here in Arizona goes: Yes, it's hot but it's a dry heat. Go outside and it feels like a blowdryer on medium heat.

Well, that's it. I just wanted to yell to the heavens that my car is good to go. Hope you all have a super weekend with no car problems!!


  1. Love the plates! I have a lot of stuff in my house that style. Sheep are so cool. Cool new stitching start. I love Halloween anything. :)

  2. Thanks BlackCat. I'm so tempted to keep the plates! I'll do some research on them. I looked on eBay for the same plates and there are none. I love sheep myself!