Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

Today my car chose to break down on my way to work, which is 9 miles up the highway. Fortunately, I got about 1 mile away and limped half-way back when it went completely dead. Called my roadside service, and towed the darn car home. The mechanic in the house is 100 miles away at work (my brother). I washed dishes and vacuumed, and now here I sit. I'm in the middle of a huge pity-party and decided that just for that, I'm going to start a new stitching project! Because I can! Take that, car and the other problems! I do my best thinking when I'm stitching, and its calming.

Before discovering blogs, I primarily stitched to sell on eBay. To this day I'm still in the seasons cycle, i.e. Halloween stitching now and then Christmas. For the first 6 months I stitched Halloween and Christmas so by those times I had quite a bit of things to sell and I'd make extra money for Christmas. I've been itching to start a new project and now with the car, I've found some seasonal designs to start. When you have a huge stash pile like me, sometimes looking at it all is overwhelming! But with these designs, I have all the threads and fabric needed:
The Pirate design I chose because it'll be quick and is frameable. I have 3 things that I'll frame myself but with the car problem, I'll have to wait for the non-glare glass that I was hoping to buy next week. I will make the 'My Pretties' designs just as they are. Luckily, last year I bought the fabric for it and with my tax return this year, the Belle Soie called for. The Leisure Arts book has a cute Christmas design in it and should go quick too.

For the last 2 weeks I've been stitching the Witch on the Broom, one of my WIP's from years back. I realized we're at the halfway point of the year and that I'd better start finishing up the last 3 or 4 WIP's that I have. I've taken creative license and stitched the border differently than what's on the chart. As you can see I don't have much more to go BUT I have backstitching to do on the witch, broom and cat (just love backstitching, NOT!). I'll be turning this into a pillow.

Funny how 2 weeks ago I was frustrated about Blogger problems. They have smoothed out and I'm able to leave comments. Now I have a new frustration that will take a large chunk of change to fix. We will be on foot for a couple more days until the brother and his pickup come back. For the rest of this week I'll be able to hitch a ride with co-workers who live out here. Then next week I'll be able to use bro's pickup to go to work. I hate car problems!!

That's all for now! It helps to unload sometimes and I'm glad I have a blog to do it with:) Have a great rest-of-the-week and thanks for dropping in!

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