Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And the winners are...

Hi all!

First of all..Thank You for the Happy B-Day and surgery wishes!

It's 5 days past my surgery and while things are much easier, ie. turning over in bed, sitting!, I'm still not up to par. I have a co-worker whose wife flew to Alaska 3 days after the same kind of surgery and here it is 5 days after and I got tired after a trip to the grocery store last night! I'm not able to really eat a lot either, right now it's clear soups or Chicken Noodle, and toast, yogurt, jello (if I could keep whipped cream off of it, I'd be doing allright!). But I get really bloated and that makes for an uncomfortable time. I just need to force myself to have some patience, which has always been hard for me.

Monday is when I finally picked up my stitching. I went back to LHN's Pumpkin Hollow Farms, which was my first start for the CJC. I put a good amount of stitching in since Monday

The skies here are overcast so the lighting is lousy. for what we've all been waiting for!!! The Grand Prize goes to
Linda said: Would love to have a chance at your giveaway. Good luck with the surgery.
And I drew a second name for the smaller prize and that is
Lapapillon (Eva)!
Eva said: hello!
I want to play with you...please enter my name....
Linda and Eva please email me at to let me what your shipping addresses are! I haven't received the other goodies just yet but at last check, they were getting ready to be mailed. Once I receive them I'll mail them out to you right away.
Giveaways are such fun and I had fun with this one. I'm planning a trip to the Attic in Phoenix at the end of this month (hoping I'm up to it) and might pick up something nice to have another Giveaway. I have my list ready for the trip and am so looking forward to it!

Super Bowl Sunday coming up! What are your plans? No pizza for me but I'll have that second dollop of whipped cream on my jello!

Take Care everyone and Welcome!


  1. Shelly, I hope you recover very soon. Just make sure that you are drinking alot of water. That also helps to get rid of the bloating. Chammomile tea would also help. But remember that teas are a diuretic and so you need to drink an extra glass of water for any tea or coffee that you drink. Great progress on your Pumpkin Hollow even with the shorter time you have worked on it. Take your time to recover and enjoy your stitching.

    1. Thanks Nancy! I was coming close to calling the doc's office to find out what to do with this bloating. I know I'm supposed to drink lots of water but I never do in the winter. I have chammomile tea too so I'll fix some right now!

  2. And I also wanted to congratulate the winners. I hit send and then said Dang it!! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  3. Hope you get better from your surgery soon :D

  4. the packet has arrived!
    love it!
    Thank you very much!
    Tomorrow I will upload images!


    Eva / lapappilon