Monday, February 27, 2012

Renaissance Festival pics and yapping

WARNING: Pic Heavy and Dungeon Torture pics! Just wanted to warn you!

President's Day found us (me, daughter and daughter's friend) heading down to Apache Junction for the annual Arizona Renaissance Festival. It looked like it was going to be a nice day. One of the first things we did was visit the Dungeon! Ooooohhh!

The Chastity Belt! Daughter and her friend couldn't believe this kind of thing existed! These are all dummies BTW! Can you see the big padlock on the side!
The Executioner! Pretty creepy huh?! Most of the displays came with explanations.
This torture form is pretty self-explanatory! You might start confessing to something when those rats start sniffing around the face.

This one is pretty gross! According to the explanation, a cut is placed into the belly of the prisoner and part of their intestine is pulled out and wrapped around the horizontal bar above. Then the handle on the side is rotated, slowly pulling the intestine out. I'm not sure anything coherent could be spoken!

O.K., what happens here is the prisoner is strapped to the wood X and then turned around while someone strikes in various places with an iron bar. This one is not so grisly as the one above.

Alright, this is the last one. I know, it's been torture hasn't it?! What you can't see is the saw blade off to the left. The prisoner sits on a wooden board and is moved forward a little at a time toward the saw blade. Perfect for obtaining confessions! There were other forms of torture that I didn't take pics of like an Iron Maiden (a cage in human form with spikes on the inside pointing to the unfortunate person).

My daughter and her friend rode an elephant and a camel but here they are on an elephant. My daughter is on the left.
And this is real cute! It came out great.
Throughout the whole festival are tradesmen, purveyors of fine clothing, and demonstrations of glass blowing, candle making, and more. The clothing always draw me because they are just pretty

The dress at the top is a wench's dress. Above, the one on the left looks like a Naval officers dress (or pirate!) and on the right, a church official. They would make great Halloween costumes but expensive ones. The wench's dress was $135!

And look who we ran into!
Captain Jack Sparrow! We saw two of these guys and they look like the real thing! It takes a whole day to take this festival in and I always spend too much on sourvenirs and food and drink. But we always have fun!

Today, I started on my next CJC start but Frog visited and I had to rip out all the black because I needed to place the design to the side so I'd have enough fabric to use for the backing. It's to be finished like the shape of a candy corn. And oh my, what's that around the fabric?! A Q-snap, or one like it!

I usually stitch in hand but I've started noticing that when I'm ironing the finished product, the wrinkles where I held it are tough to get out. So I thought I'd give the faux Q-snap a try and so far I'm liking it. I have tissue paper under the bars to protect the fabric and I like the idea of keeping my hands off the fabric. I'd like to buy longer rods for bigger projects too.

So have you all checked out all the new stuff coming out from Nashville? I haven't seen anything that interests me. There's one ONS that I buy from, Stitching Bits and Bobs, that has updates from Nashville. You should check it out. This coming Saturday, the 3rd, is our trip to Phoenix to take in a pro hockey game and my destination-the Attic! I have my shopping list ready and just can't wait! I'm looking for the BBD book that has the 'Tis The Season design in it, among others. Edgar just finished his and I saw it framed over at Keeper of the Crowes (you can click on that link). I'm in total love with it! I'm also looking for some fabric and whatever strikes my fancy. I've seen the book on eBay and here and there but it's like going to the movies, you've just got to buy the popcorn and the soda. I couldn't NOT buy anything from the Attic! I just hope I don't bankrupt myself! Wish me luck!

Thanks for coming by and have a super week! I'll leave you with a pic of the Psycho Sisters (Mo behind E.T.) :))
"Whould you shut that camera off? We're sleeping here!"


  1. What a fun Renaissance Festival, it looks like it was a blast.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Nice start, haven't you heard there's No Fogging in 2012, lol
    Pretty felines

    1. I guess I missed the memo on No Frogging in 2012! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Looks like a fun day! Great pics!

    Love those kitties!