Monday, November 12, 2012

Back on Earth

I've now returned to Earth after the euphoria of my exchange goodies. Whew! Turns out I wasn't supposed to put pictures of them here until after Elaine received all the pictures and sent out emails to the partners. My bad! So if you would all just act like you never seen the exchange pictures on my last post-I'd appreciate it! Elaine emailed and we chalked it up to me being new at this and excitable! But really, I heard from my recipient and she likes what I made and sent. Second Whew! It was fun and I'd do another exchange again but just not right now.

Can I post just one more picture of a Halloween finish?! Thanks!
This is All Hallows Eve by Waxing Moon Designs on Gold linen from R&R. I abandoned the stitching with the skeleton and have moved onto Christmas. Below is my daytime stitching because it's on 35 or 36ct linen from Lakeside and I can't see very well when the sun goes down! Obviously, I can't take a picture to save my life but here goes

Bringing Home the Tree. It's turning out small and I'll make this into a flat ornament. Next up is my nighttime stitching! This is the Winter Sampler by Homespun Elegance and as you can see, I made a copy of it and lost the pattern! I have had this pattern for years and am just finally stitching it

It's stitched on 28ct Sandstone linen and you know what?, it's stiff as all get out. I've soaked it and washed it, then ironed it and it's still stiff! I'm stitching this in hand like the LHN above because my two Q-snaps are occupied right now so I guess it's a good thing it's stiff. But, I can see this at night with my reading glasses and stitching light on.

Alright ladies, any of you have WIP's and UFO's coming out of the woodwork? Well, BAP Atttack is having a Turtle Trot (cute name huh?) WIP finishing for 2013. Go check it out at the link above. I have 13+ WIPs, stitch like a Turtle, so I joined up. It'll be fun and she'll have a drawing for a prize after it's all said and done. Sounds like fun! Also, because I have to show my progress by the 13th of every month, you'll see me more often than the measly 2 posts I do in a month!

Thanksgiving is upon us. Any of you ready to cook? I always cook a large turkey breast for the three of us so we can have turkey leftovers afterwards. Along with all the fixin's, of course! Then we head on over to a cousins house where besides the usual foods, they have Posole (a Mexican soup). Delicious!

We're closing in on December and my upcoming 2nd Blogaversary on the 20th I believe. Last year, I wanted to hold the Giveaway in January just because I figured people would be too busy and the postal service going nuts. But lo and behold, my gallbladder decided it wasn't having any of it so no Giveaway. This year everythings a go and I'll go right ahead and have the Giveaway on the 20th of December. I still have one jar of Prickly Pear jelly and that'll go in with the prizes. So be sure to check-in in December to find out the details of this Giveaway.

I recently Stashed but I didn't take pictures. I"ll do that on my next post.

Here's wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for don't we?!


  1. Aren't those exchanges wonderful!!
    I love them but I have to limit myself :)
    Great ornament progress!

  2. Thanks Chris! I'll be limiting myself too:)

  3. The Halloween finish is adorable! Bringing Home the Tree will be a great ornament! Wonderful stitching, Shelly!

  4. Love your Halloween finish, Shelly!! And that ornament is on my must-stitch-soon list as well :)

    1. And Thank You Carol! The fabric called for is 30ct but the Attic Needlework kitted this up with that high count fabric. It's all good though because it's going to be cute when it's done:)

  5. What exchange photos?!?! lol
    I love your pretty halloween finish!
    Have a great thanksgiving.

    1. Lol Leslie! And a great Thanksgiving to you!

  6. Nice to read a post from you. Your packages are great...I will watch for the give away...

  7. Love the pillow! Congrats on your finish