Monday, November 26, 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses

Ahh, Monday. I had 2 days off for Thanksgiving, Thursday and Friday. Today is my regular day off and tomorrow I asked off. So I'm away from work for 6 days and enjoying it! Usually I get bored by the 4th day but not this time! I've been stitching, eating, shopping, eating, etc. Today is the first day I'm not gassed bloated up lol! I'm making an effort to not eat Thanksgiving leftovers.

I want to talk about Black Friday. Thanksgiving day after our meal was eaten and the kitchen somewhat cleaned up, my daughter and I decided to hit Target for their 9 p.m. opening. Our local newspaper was about 2 inches thick from just the sale inserts themselves! This is one of my favorite things about this season, the sale papers. Target had some things I wanted like an xBox game for my daughter, the newest Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Now I'm an amateur at this Black Friday thing. So we get to Target about 8 p.m. and there's already a line! A. Long. Line! But we're up for this. Eventually we get in to have people running past us to get what they wanted before it ran out. We stood in line 1 hour only to shop for 10 minutes. We were out before everyone got in line at the cashiers. Then off to Kohl's for their midnight opening, two hours early! At first we sat in the car. Then people started coming up so we got out and got in line. The closer to midnight the more people came up and stood by the door while the rest of us were in this long line going the other way! Yeah, there were some unhappy people but the Kohls people made a line and let all of us in line go in first! We then stood in line after grabbing and running and playing bumper carts with everyone else for another hour! We finally got home at 2 a.m. Folks, that was my first and only time I will do Black Friday! lol! But I got some good deals and I can now say I did Black Friday!

I stashed recently and all my purchases are from seeing these designs except for the Val's Stuff designs, on everyone else's blogs! So a big THUMBS UP for co-dependency! Well, this kind anyway
Baby, it's cold outside and No Quitter. I don't have the fabric called for so I'll be pulling fabric from my stash for them. I also bought two small pieces of linen for ornaments and some GAST for Baby, it's cold outside.
And I couldn't resist some more Halloween designs! Trick or Treat by Widgets & Wool Primitives and Pumpkin with Cornstalk by Handblessings

And my very first HAED design! A perfectly spooky one, of course! After printing this out, I wondered what I was thinking. It takes at least 17 skeins of black DMC! Might as well go shopping again and buy black a little at a time! But in my defense, HAED was having a sale haha. I don't know if it's still on though.

And, here's Val's Stuff designs, with the buttons and WDW that it needed-Envy and Confetti. Can't wait to stitch with the Confetti! I was lookin' through my stash and thought that I didn't have much Christmas-y designs so here you go! Aren't they both cute?
In between all the shopping and eating, I managed to finish 2 projects
Bringing Home the Tree by LHN and the BBD design in the newest JCS ornie mag, the name escapes me.
And my stitching up to date of the Winter House Sampler by Homespun Elegance

I have since finished the lt green tree and am now stitching the other lt green tree and snowman on the left side of the house. See the gap in the roof? For some reason it was left blank but I'm going to fill that in with an over-dyed white for snow. The UFO next to the moon? That is Santa's sleigh. I just have to have stitch the reindeer and the lines. This one may end up on the pile of Turtle Trot WIP's!

Speaking of Turtle Trot, I have my WIP's lined up on my sidebar if you want to see what I'll be working on. The last 9 are all Crazy January Challenge '12 stuff and the next 3 are mostly Halloween, and the Thee I Love is from an old JCS magazine that I started 2 years ago. Have you all seen all the Challenges and SAL's popping up lately? I'm intrigued with the Scarlet Letter Challenge because one blogger I was reading recently finished up a smallish sampler from SL that didn't look intimidating. The Turtle Trot SAL is the only SAL that I'll be doing in 2013 and maybe a couple of Stitching with Love exchanges. I can see myself loading up on all these SAL's and feeling rushed and I hate rushing!

We're headed to Phoenix in a couple weeks, my daughter and I. Get out of Dodge and visit the big city. I'm looking for a computer tower and my brother tells me I might be able to find a good-priced one in Phoenix. We have a Best Buy here and I found two that are on sale but he thinks I can find one cheaper in Phoenix. And I'll be headed to the Attic ( Attic Needleworks), much to the dismay of my daughter who just hates needlework shops and, I'm sure, will sit in the car to wait for me!). I tried to get her stitching some years back, but she's just not interested. Maybe when she gets older she'll become interested. It's amazing that my grandmother on my dad's side and I was and is the only 'crafty' persons in my entire extended family. I have 2 of her quilts, both over 60 years old, all sewed by hand! I just love them. Back to the Attic! You all may know of my 2nd Blogaversary coming up. Well, I'm going to pick up some stitchy things there for the Giveaway! So heads up! I'm receiving a Christmas Bonus on my paycheck in two weeks, so I'm going armed and ready lol.

I'm sure I had more things to write about but for the moment, I can't remember if I did! I'm getting back to stitching Winter House and watching Anthony Bourdain on Netflix, two of my favorites. Take Care y'all and Thanks for your comments the last post. I'm not sure if you know but I do respond to your comments right below them. Would someone tell me if you get a notification when I do reply? Thanks!


  1. Glad you survived Black Friday!! Me, not so brave to get out there in all the frenzy... But, I have been doing a little shopping online;)

    Great new stash and lovely finishes!

  2. Crazy girl!!! I was not brave enough to go out but I did snag a few black Friday deals online Friday morning. Easy! I love your new projects.

  3. Hi Shelly. I didn't get an email when you replied to my comment on the last post.
    I love all your new stash especially the Val's Stuff. The HAED is great, but wow, 17 skeins of black - yikes. Congrats on the two finishes.


  4. What a great long post! I did Black Friday last year at midnight at Kohl's and hated it! I stood in line for hours to get to the register. My daughter asked me to go this year and I said no! She went with a friend instead. Congratulations on surviving!

    The WDW floss for Val's charts looks fun to stitch with! You chose lots of great designs for next year. I haven't chosen my 13 for the Turtle Trot yet.

    I'd love to go to the Attic in Phoenix and also that needlework store in Las Vegas that I've heard about.

    I didn't realize you replied here on your blog. We will only get an email telling us that you replied if we click on Subscribe by email here.

  5. So much wonderful stitching to look forward to!:) That HAED design is crazy, but I absolutely love it! It would be a wonderful piece to have stitched!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  6. Love your LHN ornament finishes, Shelly. I had really hoped to stitched Bringing HOme the Tree myself this year, but it doesn't look like I'll find the time. Glad you had some Black Friday luck--I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping yet!