Saturday, November 3, 2012

Royal Mail-OMG!

Did you feel some tremors today? That was me, jumping up and down! Today, I received my Fall into Halloween exchange package which is why I'm so excited! First I took a pic of the package itself! See that stamp at upper right? It says Royal Mail! I know--calm down.
One of the Psycho sisters had to get into the act and sniff it out. You can see her fur at the left. I love things British! I would love to visit there one of these eons. Maybe in my second life!

Here's the packages in their Halloween tissue

And a card....

And Voila! the treats

See the cute kitty card! There's the Halloween cookie cutter set, Scooby-Doo balloons (my favorite cartoon is Scooby-Doo!), the Lizzie Kate Snippet Gather a Harvest, a pumpkin pin, the Opalescent Lugana fabric, Halloween fab, a JABC froggy threader, 3 dmc threads-oranges and black, the chocolate from Cadbury which she said is made nearby-so cool, and last but not least-the pillow from an IStitch design. The chocolate was gone within 5 minutes of opening the package and scrumptious. I want to stitch the LK design like, right now! This is so much fun.

Here's the pillow on it's own. So cute, the backing fabric is an orange fabric with haunted houses. Super stitcher I might add is T. I don't know her full name and the card is signed T! The Mysterious T!
Thank You T! I love it all!

November already, huh?! Hope no tricks but treats were bestowed upon you on Halloween night. Myself, I tried to catch every scary show on t.v. My daughter and her pal went to a hockey game dressed up with half of their face a skull as a mirror image. It looked pretty cool.

Well, have you all started your Christmas shopping yet?! I know..I dare I ask. I'm getting that niggling feeling that I get about this time of year...panic! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!

I have not picked up a needle in 4 or 5 days. I've just lost my mojo. Here's what I stitched on last week though before mojo took off
Dead of the Night on 32ct black linen with DMC. That witch and moon took some time to stitch. I feel like I need to finish this before I start anything else.

I've been looking through my stash for Christmas things to stitch and I don't have much. So I put in an order at 123 Stitch for a couple small stitchings that were on sale. I love that place!

I hit a couple after-Halloween sales and here's what I scored
The pumpkin skull was $4.00 with an orange light-bulb inside and I found these decorations for cheap also

 That's it for my after-Halloween sales buying!

Well I'm going to look at my exchange goodies and wash dishes! It's a nice warm day here for November and the door is wide open-enjoying it because next week I'm hearing the highs will be in the low 60's.

Take care y'all! Hope everyone affected by Superstorm Sandy are doing alright!


  1. Shelly, that's a fabulous package with lots of great goodies!!! I think I felt the earth shake all the way over here in OK!!

    1. Haha Mary! Yup, I love my goodies!