Monday, March 11, 2013

TUSAL-March '13 and a reminder!

Hi All

Here's my TUSAL jar since last time
Since I'm stitching on nothing but my exchange project, you get to see what colors I'm using! Speaking of exchange project, I'm getting closer and closer to finishing it with 7 days left to do that and then finish it into whatever it's going to be. You see, I work 4-10 hour days with a 3 day weekend. When I get home at 5 p.m. or so, I start cooking for my daughter and I. Wash dishes old school (no dishwasher!), sit down to computer and check emails, throw a load in the washer if need be. After that at 7 p.m. is when I can finally stitch and then it's to bed by 10. This past weekend it was a marathon stitching session for Sat. and Sun. Evenings and weekends are really the only time I have to stitch. In these next few days I may be looking at an all-nighter to get this project done! Wish me luck! I may not even have time to stitch on a WIP for the Turtle Trot report on the 13th.

Lainey with Stitched With Love is also having a little contest with the exchange; a Easter hat/bonnet contest. I totally forgot and this past weekend is when I remembered. So my daughter and I hit Hobby Lobby, a dollar store, and I went to a second-hand store for supplies for this hat. I found a straw hat at the second-hand store for cheap. I can't show you my creation but I have to say it's cute! Easter week is when Lainey will post all the pictures for voting. Then I'll put a picture on my blog.

As some of you requested, here's my daughters' Fairy Garden
The roses are plastic, so are the bushes in front of the house, but those are real Juniper needles she took off our big bushes. As soon as it gets warmer, she'll plant flowers in place of the roses and Juniper. She's taken a Pinterest break so I haven't been stuffing my face!

Gracie from Needles Pins and Dragonflies sent me a birthday package!

From Pineberry Lane which I happen to love, and fabric/floss. And
Party in a Bag! How cool! Thank You Gracie, you are a sweetheart! Fancey will go on top of my heap of new starts for this year.

And now the reminder-have you left a comment on the last post HERE for entry to my giveaway! If not, well, get on over there! You have 'til the 15th early in the a.m. to do it. And why am I choosing a name so early in the morn? That's when I usually get out of the shower lol!

It's time to get on back to the couch to stitch more on the exchange item (what else is new!). Blogger is throwing a fit also so Take Care! And


  1. Oh my Shelly. I absolutely love your daughters Fairy Garden. I am for sure making one when it gets warmer.


  2. The ort colors are so soft and pretty. The fairy garden is just wonderful.
    What a lovely birthday gift and the party in the bag cracks me up!

  3. The fairy garden is so sweet. I think I'd like to make something like that one day.

    lol! I love the birthday gifts. The party in the bag is very cute.

  4. It's great that you still find time to stitch at night. The Fairy Garden is adorable! What a wonderful gift from Gracie!