Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Total Blank..

as far as an idea for a title!

Things are a bit blah here. Now yesterday the sun was shining..I mean it was a short-sleeve day, in the '60s! But today, clouds moved in, there's a bit of a breeze and its a little chilly. So we'll blame the clouds for the quality of the few pics I'll have below.

I've been stitching hysterically furiously on my Stitched With Love exchange piece. I mean, I have not picked up anything else since the beginning of February. I didn't even have an ornament finish for the Ornament SAL and that bugs me! This project needs to be done by the 18th of this month and shipped out and I'm hoping I'll make it. With the Fall Into Halloween exchange back before Halloween, the project I picked was smaller and it seems like there was more time. This time though, I'm feeling the pressure!

So have you all checked out the designs coming out of Nashville? I've already put in a pre-order at Stitching Bits and Bobs for a few limited edition kits, one of the LizzieKate designs and a Sweetheart Tree Halloween design. I may be heading to Phoenix and the Attic this coming weekend. I'm not sure if they're having their Market Day or not; I'll have to check out their website. I checked out the Bush Blog and boy! have they got some great things to stitch up! So does With Thy Needle and Thread.

Do you know someone who is addicted to Pinterest? I do--my daughter! Because of her addiction, I've probably gained 5 lbs. eating 2 creations that she found there. It's all Pinterests' fault! Today she's putting together a fairy garden with a large planter, garden soil, a birdhouse, decorations, and later on, planting some flowers in it. It looks cute so far. Well I had hoped she would turn crafty so I can't complain!

I finally bought a handy tool that I've been wanting and here it is
A cord maker! I believe it was Carol from Stitching Dreams who told me about using a corder to make cords.


Here's the Belated, Belated Birthday Giveaway! lol. It's a little one, almost all blue which describes my mood for the last couple of months. Yesterday though with the sunshine, things are looking up. Anyway here's the goodies available

On the right are #28 Bohin needles (I love these needles; they're sturdy, straight, not too long, not too short), a pyn pillow made from BBD fabric and mother-of-pear buttons, shiny Italian Premax scissors, shiny Stitch Happy travel cup, and LHN's The North Wind (I know, some of you have been dealing with some very snowy weather but you can stitch this up in the middle of the summer when it's 90 degrees with 90 degrees humidity!).

All you have to do is leave a comment. You don't have to be a follower. I'll pick a name on the morning of the 15th at 4:45 a.m. which is a Friday.

I need to get back to my stitching! I can't wait to have this exchange piece stitched. I really miss working on my WIPs and my one start. I'll be back before I draw for the giveaway with my TUSAL and Turtle Trot report. Take Care and Thanks for being a follower!


  1. Happy belated, belated birthday! This is a lovely giveaway, and I thank you for sharing. Whatever name you draw, that stitcher is going to be very happy!

  2. Happy belated, belated birthday! That looks like a very nice giveaway! I can't wait for the weather to be in the 60's here. Right now it's cold and snowing, yuck! Counting the days until spring arrives in Ohio!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I am ready for some spring weather in these parts! Please consider me for your very generous giveaway.

  4. lol! Happy belated, belated birthday. ;) What a lovely giveaway.

    Don't worry about the SAL. Exchange pieces are more important, and there is always next month for the SAL. ;)

  5. Yes, happy belated, belated birthday. I would love to be entered in your great giveaway. Your daughters fairy garden sounds adorable. Please show us pics when shes done.


  6. Oh, you'll have such fun with your new corder, Shelley :) Once I got the hang of it, I really love making cording!

    You know, I look at all those tempting recipes on Pinterest and always wonder if anyone actually makes them--now I know they do! Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday :)

  7. Happy belated birthday!

    I wouldn't call it addicted (well not anymore) but I have several Pinterest recipes saved. I have loved the ones I've tried.

    I think I have the very same corder, but haven't used it yet. Soon, though.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope the sun keeps shining :( Winter is a terrible time of the year because it truly is such a blue season. Drab and dreary are good words to describe it. Not long to wait until Spring though :o)

    I'd loved to be entered into your giveaway!




  9. Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful giveaway, anything blue makes me smile. Please throw my name into the hat for a chance to win. Please post a picture of your daughter's fairy garden once it is done.

  10. Happy Birthday, was in the high 80's here today, but the weather report is that tomorrow will be back in the 60's thank goodness, not ready to turn on the a/c. I also would love to see a picture of the fairy garden, sounds cute. Please enter me into the drawing

  11. Happy Birthday, Shelly! Thank you for having such a generous giveaway! Everything looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to your Turtle Trot post next week!

  12. Hi Shelly - what a nice giveaway. Happy belated birthday! I hope you get down to the Attic for market day...once in awhile I go but probably not this time, I need to cut back on the stash a bit LOL. I've been seeing a lot in newsletters that's tempting me though!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! I just discovered your blog through Melissa's blog and am having fun reading through it. Please include me in your lovely giveaway. Enjoy your new corder!

  14. You know, I thought I had left my name... but I did not! it my request to add me in the draw!

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  16. Happy Birthday Shelly! I hope that your birthday was perfect!!
    Please put my name in the hat for a chance at this sweet giveaway!

  17. I'm probably late in getting in on the giveaway, but thought I would give it a shot.
    I would love to know how the cord maker works for you. Right now I wind mine with a pencil. :(
    Happy belated birthday!

  18. Meant to say, I love the fairy garden!