Saturday, May 11, 2013

TUSAL and A Little Contest

Here's my Orts, a day late!

I've been stitching on all sorts of things lately. Here's Baby, It's Cold Outside from April
And here it is one month later in May

The house is almost done. Such a difference in the color of the fabric. The bottom pic is more true to color.

More stashing done, too, but just this chart and threads
I wish you could see it better. I often read of bloggers' talking about how a pattern has spoken to them and I don't know if they're just joking but this chart certainly did. I first saw a picture of this chart over at the blog Maude and Mozart (she takes great pictures, BTW). She was just showing the inside of a shop that her and several others ladies went to. This design she hadn't said who the designer was. But it caught my eye! Her next post showed pics of her stash and it was close enough to see who the designer was-Willow Hill Samplings. I thought it was from Pineberry Lane Designs! So here it is-called Land of the Brave.

Now we're up to the Little Contest! I've made great strides in stitching on my WIPs. I have one that is very close to being finished by the 13th which is the posting date for the Turtle Trot. I know I said I'd have a giveaway on my 100th post which this one is that, but I'll do that after this contest. Here's what you do to win this booklet by Sue Hillis Designs

Now if there's just one commenter between now and the 13th, say about 7 p.m. Arizona time, she or he will win this booklet. BUT....if there are several, here's where the contest comes in. Go to the sidebar on this blog where it says Turtle Trot SAL 2013 and PICK a WIP that you think is the one about to be done and pick another that you think is the second one about to be finished. The reason for the 2nd pick is in case no one picks the correct WIP at the first pick. If that should happen, whoever picks the correct 2nd pick will win the Chocolate chart. Are you still with me?! Good! When you go to leave a comment there needs to be
  1. The name of the WIP from my Turtle Trot list that is about to be finished.
  2. The name of the WIP    "      "       "       "     " that you think will be my second finish coming soon.
Anyone is invited to play, follower or not, living near or far! The more the merrier! This is gonna be fun!

Hope everyone is enjoying some Spring weather! I'll leave you with some pics of two of our cats. Enjoy and Take Care!
E.T. in top photo and Flashy above, enjoying life!

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  1. What a great contest Shelly. I love that chart and its one I don't have. Cute kitty pics. My choices:
    1. Pretty Poppies
    2. Pumpkin Hollow Farm