Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ornament SAL May

Here's my ornament for May

From LizzieKate. This can be found on their website under 'Free Charts'. On 32ct cream linen with over-dyed threads. Except the green area around the W and that's DMC.

From here on out I'm stitching nothing but Halloween & Christmas ornaments. We're just about half way through the year, ladies (and the stray man or men!!)!!

That word sums up the hectic last couple weeks we've had. Two weeks ago my 9 year old computer gave up the ghost. I lost all the pictures, music, tax returns that I saved to my computer, and a bunch of other stuff that one saves. Luckily, I printed all my tax returns. The next computer I buy, which is way off in the future, I'm making sure I backup and do all that I'm supposed to. I'm using my IPad to write this and upload pictures. Instead of uploading from my computer, I now upload to Picasa and then upload to here. Whew!

On a good hectic note, my daughter graduated! From high school. The hectic part came to play when it was discovered she was short 3 credits. So she pulled some all-nighters (stay up ALL night), and made the effort on online classes to get caught up. I'm very proud of her.

I'm closing in on yet another finish from my Turtle Trot list, yay! I got totally bored with all the WIPs and started something new which I'll have a picture of at TUSAL time. Starting something new really gave me a second wind. On the other hand, I've failed miserably with the LHN Sheep Virtues. I stitched the border of LOVE and promptly went onto something else. And I'm getting those patterns on auto, so you'd think I'd be motivated to stitch them-NOT!!!!

I've gotta run. Take care everyone. Welcome to Anne for becoming my 92nd follower! Thanks for your comments last post-I enjoyed reading them. Poppies was the WIP some of you especially liked. That's the WIP that has a few stitches left to go!


  1. Cute...I may have to go hunt for that one!

  2. Nice ornament! Congratulations on your daughter graduation!

  3. I love your current project! Sorry about the computer and Congratulations to your daughter :)

  4. Cute ornament, I love Lizzie Kate but always hate all the background fill-in stitching.
    Congratulations to your daughter on graduating high school!

  5. Happy Wishes to the graduate! Follow your needle.

  6. Congrats on the cute finish Shelly. I just printed that one out the other day to stitch. That is so my favorite word. lol


    1. That's funny Linda! Yeah, I tend to say Whatever! too!

  7. I have just come across your blog and been having a read through your posts. I adore your poppies and Thee I Love, I actually have the chart of that one tucked away to do one day.

  8. Sorry about your computer - mine is giving me little signs. :) Love the May ornament! Congratulations to your daughter!!

  9. Great ornament - loved your post.

  10. Congratulations to your daughter, Shelley!! Good for her for putting in that extra time to ensure she graduated :)

    That is so sad you lost all your computer info when it crashed--I have been concerned about mine lately as it was making a whirring sound, but my son cleaned out the dust and it seems fine now. Guess I'd better be better about backing things up, though!

    Lover your cute finish and your background "wallpaper" (I love anything blue and white!!)

  11. I hate that word but it looks so cute as an ornament!

  12. What a great ornament! I'm looking forward to seeing your next finish!

  13. Gosh, I say Whatever way too much. And the little man is taking after me. Maybe I should stitch this. You did a fabulous job.

    And, congratulations to your daughter!