Saturday, June 8, 2013

TUSAL on a hot summer day


First lets take care of Tusal
Lots of pinks/yellows from Poppies. Yes, I did finish it! And is since I can't wait 'til the 13th, here it is


At first I wasn't too sure of using this color linen. The model in the magazine uses a lighter color. The big flower on the right was a doozy to stitch. Different colors and its big but it's my favorite and looks more like a poppy. I'm working on another WIP and smelling a finish coming on! Stay tuned!

Next, I want to say Thank You all for your words of Congratulations on my daughter's graduation. We've come down from the clouds now. I also enjoyed your comments on the Whatever ornament. Linda said Whatever is her fave word, EvalinaMaria hates that word, and Silverlotus says Whatever way too much! And her little man is starting to say it too! I tend to mutter that word too when I'm driving down the road and someone pulls a dumb motorist trick, and its better to say Whatever than cussing, right?! Silverlotus, wait until said little man says it to you when he's a teenager! They're able to add a little sneer onto it. It's cute said as a little kid but not when they reach teenage-hood!

All I'm


  1. Sorry about my screwed up post. I still don't have a computer and doing this on my iPad. Nothing would scroll down. I was going to say its been pretty darn warm here and I'm hunkered down in the house with a fan in my face and a tall glass of ice water nearby. Take care everyone!

  2. Congrats on the great finish Shelly. I love poppies.


  3. Definitely a hot one today. The temp is reading 110! on this Saturday afternoon. Love th poppies.

    1. Gracie, we're not anywhere near 110! It's about 95 right now. Warm with a capital W!!

  4. Those poppies are beautiful! Congratulations on a lovely finish!

  5. Gorgeous piece. Lovely colors and stitching :)

  6. Wow, the poppies are so lovely. Great job!

  7. Beautiful poppies, Shelly! The big one looks so pretty with all the different shades.

  8. Such a stunning piece of stitching, Shelly! The colors are lovely!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on the finish!!!

  10. Poppies is just gorgeous! Congrats.