Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's Hotter Than You. Know. What...!

First we experienced an Arctic Blast this past winter, now it's a heat wave! What wacky weather! As I write this, it's 95 degrees, down from 105. I think we may have broke a record. I stayed hunkered down at home with a fan on high and a large glass of raspberry tea with plenty of ice to complete my Ornament SAL for June

All Hallows' Eve. I don't remember where I printed this from. I went to the site that was at the bottom of my copy but it just takes me to an 18 year old kids blog! Anyway, it's stitched on mystery linen with CC Purple Pansy. The fabric behind it is what it'll be sewed with.

I haven't done much stitching this past week. I've been too tired, it's too hot. I haven't worked on WIPs. My TUSAL jar is screaming for action!

When I have stitched, I'm doing it on Vintage Stars

I've put in almost the whole large tan motif. I'll be setting the needle to this more often.

Chris wanted to know what my new start will be. This may be it

This is from Butternut, an oldie but goodie! I've had this forever and it's time to stitch this up. As hot as its been, it'll be nice to stitch something Christmas-y. I've done the floss toss with DMC on 32ct Platinum linen.

So once again i stashed (oops)

Yellow Bird from from La D Da with the silk called for, Tribal Cauldron-White Willow Stitching, orange linen for a Halloween design, WDW and lambswool for this

I love the saying! It's soo me!

And I found this in the grocery store

I'm looking forward to JCS's Halloween and Christmas issues.

This is turning into a small novel!

The Doce Fire is now nearly contained. 6700+ acres burned but no houses burned. Some houses had their front yards, etc. burned but firefighters were able to keep the flames from coming closer.

Jannie, Colorado has sure seen its share of destructive fires. Yarnell is such a cute little town!

I finally smartened up and downloaded this app called BlogPress and I'm using it right now. It seems to work pretty good as you can see, no puny posts!

Well I've gotta go! There's only one thing good about this heat and that's the not wanting to eat! Just drink cold beverages! I really appreciate all the comments you all leave, thanks! Welcome to the new followers!

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  1. In that type of heat I would be doing the same thing. So glad that the fires are contained.
    Great projects. I love your little Halloween finish.
    Stay cool :)

  2. We certainly are in a heat wave! We are keeping the house as cool as we can and my glass of iced water is by my side. Glad you are safe from the fires.

  3. Love your new stash Shelly. Cute ornament. Love the piece your working on.


  4. Love the Halloween finish; it is a freebie from threadworks primitives (at least that is what I wrote on my copy) :)


  5. Tribal Cauldron looks like a great chart! Will you stitch that on the orange fabric? Stay inside in the AC and stitch away... just like me!