Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stitch From Stash June

For this months SFS, we were given a $50 bonus of which I took advantage of! Thanks Mel! It's quite convoluted though and I just hope Mel can figure this one out!

Beginning Balance was $33.13
Regular June amount-   $25.00=$58.13
Add $50 bonus =$108.13

I spent $14.00 on Miss Baxter's House by Stacy Nash
               0.46 on a skein of DMC to finish Fancey Blackett
              22.55 in fibers for Miss Baxter
              15.90 for the patterns for the Primitive Hare Mystery SAL
              11.09 fabric for Miss Baxter
              11.40 fabric for the PH SAL
for a grand total of $75.40 in purchases! I now have a new balance of $32.73 (108.13 - 75.40).

I had 2 new starts from stash: Happy Bunny Bunny Day by the Trilogy (which i showed on a previous post) and Wicked by Barbara Ana Designs. Here's what I have for Wicked

WIPs I worked on were Fancey Blackett, Snowy Night, R.B. Sampler Pillow, Dream Big, LK Scary Mystery Sampler, and School Days. Here's progress on Dream Big

And what it looked like before

Here's School Days before

And now
The colors of this sampler are what it really looks like. 

I really blew a hole in my budget so I've got to watch it from here on out. In July the new Halloween JCS issue comes out and I've reserved a copy from 123stitch and that will be the end of the money leak. Well, until I see what kind of things are in the Halloween issue!

I'm off to stitch. Take care!


  1. theyre great! I love the wicked project!!!

  2. All the stitching looks wonderful. I just love the wicked project!

  3. Great projects....Love Wicked!

  4. Great new stash Shelly. Nice progress on all the pieces.