Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Turtle Trot, Dancin' with Fancey, Mojo Resuscitator, and losing myself

Hi all! I'm so excited! I just went and picked up my copy of this
Of course, Momo had to get into the picture. After I post, I will be losing myself in this book!

Turtle Trot, right! Here's Fancey, all finished
Fancey Blackett by Pineberry Lane, on 28ct Antique White linen with DMC. See the evil red eyes of the owls? And I thought the corn cobs looked great with their coloring. I have my fingers crossed that these pictures show up good on my blog. I'm at the mercy of this Blogger app. I'll miss Fancey but I do have one more pattern with her on it.

What's next? Oh yeah! I finished my 5th ornament
Snowy Night by Prairie Schooler, using 32ct Lambswool with DMC except for the dark area, used GAST Black Crow. I'll make this up like it is in the magazine, with felt backer and a hanger. Out of the JCS '08 Ornie mag. As Carol from Stitching Dreams said, Prairie Schoolers are a comfort stitch. And she's right. You can really lose yourself in them. They're like wearing an old comfy pair of slippers!

I also had some progress with the Ruby Pemberton Sampler Pillow, before

And after..
I wet this a little to iron it and some of the color bled in that middle row of stitches. Argh! I will keep this so it's no biggie! On 36ct, 1 over 2.

Couple weeks ago, I was hardly stitching at all. I was reading blogs and came upon Stacy Nash's blog with a pic of her new series of samplers and took one look at those chickens and said to myself, I've got to have this! Check out the chickens
Miss Baxters House. I put in an order for the fibers yesterday. Yes, my budget took a hit but I'll be a good girl from here on out. I do, however, need the fabric! Ha! My budget can handle the purchase of fabric because nothing in my stash looks good with this pattern.

I think that's all I had to say. Thanks for stopping in, as always. I really do appreciate your comments and try to respond quickly. 

Take Care!


  1. Lovely stitching! I hope that book is available on my nook! Love, love, LOVE that series!

  2. Love your finishes!! And I just bought the new Stacy Nash too. Couldn't pass up those chickens!!! Laura

  3. Gorgeous finishes, gorgeous new start and a pretty new chart too.

  4. I am starting her series all over again; read the first three well over ten years ago...whenever she started it. Now I am reading from beginning into the new ones I have yet to read. Can't wait to get caught up. Your stitches are so lovely. I have to agree those chickens are cute!

  5. Great stitching! I do love Fancy!! I just finished listening to her last book(40 discs) I think I'll read this one! I will have to buy it as our library only lets you have a book for 3 weeks! I do like the chart with the chickens. I have been debating doing that one myself.

  6. Love the cornfield on Fancey, great colors. You really can't see where the colors bled on Ruby Pemberton (at least not in your photo).

  7. Congrats on the great finishes Shelly. Nice progress on the others.


  8. Oh, Fancey is so adorable, Shelly! Nothing like witches dancing with squirrels :) I really need to pull mine out and stitch it this fall... Everything looks wonderful :)

  9. Love Fancey!! Your projects and stitches look great!