Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stitch from Stash August

Hi all! Hope your weather has been wonderful!

Time for STS August:

Month: August

Spent: $9.99

Earned: $18.00 (woohoo!) Black Hearted Queen 68w x 54h for $6.00 and Tombstone Angel 161w x         
       51 for 12.00.

Beginning bal: $32.50
August add:      25.00

I bought the JCS Halloween ornament issue which cost the $9.99, earned $18.00 for two finishes which all leaves me with $65.51 for August. Hope this makes sense.

Now on to my Tombstone Angel Pin Drum finish, yay! I finished this yesterday in the evening. Once again I forgot about the FNSI but I stitched with them in spirit!
Isn't it great? Designed by Stacy Nash Primitives, on 35ct linen and stitched with GAST Blackboard thread, one strand. So I have been checking out tutorials for making a drum and decided to use the directions included with the chartpack. Since I'm a visual learner, I will also follow a tutorial that the Scattered Seed Sampler designer put on her blog for her drums. I'm stuffing it with organic sawdust. It seems to look nice, nicer than the bumpy look with polyfil. As for the black velvet strawberry at the top,
I'll have to hunt down some velvet for it. Crossing my fingers for a finish next month!

A short and sweet post! I had to do the word verification thingee because I had been getting comments offering loans on the last four or five posts! I had to go through them and delete his comments, ugh. So if would please let me know that it's up and working, I'd appreciate it:)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your weekend has been a good one!


  1. Looks great! It's not making me verify...

  2. Congrets on your finish and well done on your sfs budget great earnings
    I do not have to verify

  3. Great finish! And your finishes look amazing from a few posts ago.

  4. You were doing great on the SFS challenge.
    Nice finish and I'm very curious to see the finished drum.

  5. This is a great design.
    Can't wait to see your finish.

  6. Great finish! There's no verification on.

  7. Congrats on the cute finish Shelly.


  8. LKove it...looking forward to your finish and hope you find the right strawberry.

  9. You have the best taste in projects and charts. I love the one you are working on right now.

  10. Your Stitch from Stash August update is very similar to mine this month! My only purchase was the JCS Special Ornament issue, although I did earn any $$ from finishes in August.

  11. I look forward to seeing your finish - lovely fall picture!!

  12. I love your design and can't wait to see it finished into the pin keep...I'm not very good at making things up. Hope you are better! LOL

  13. Love your stitching! Can't wait to see it made up! I've never attempted a drum finish.