Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all!

I'm ready for Thanksgiving! Are you? I had one stop to make for sour cream and I am done.

I thought I would show the two Christmas stitching that I knocked out in two days. Yeah, it didn't take long!
Ho Ho Ho freebie by Pineberry Lane and Peace Bird by Rosewood Manor found in the JCS 2012 Ornament issue.

Last weekend I did have a finish finish, Joy to the World
Please ignore everything in the background! This design is also found in the 2012 JCS ornie magazine. The back fabric is the same as the bottom and trimmed with that big chunky chenille, and finished off with the kind of metallic gold bow and three tiny rusty bells. I feel like I make an awful lot of flat ornaments so now I'm going to concentrate on pillows for a bit!

I thought I'd throw in a Halloween finish, you know I've got to!
This is Waiting from the 2012 Halloween JCS issue. See?! Flat ornament! Haha. The same ribbon used for the bow I used for the trim. Then I attached the Mill Hill bat charm on the moon. It's just a tiny thing!

I mentioned snow in Arizona some posts back so I thought I would put up a couple pictures! This is my driveway, lol
Once that sun comes out, it's byebye snow! It was gone by noon. And those of you who have been to Jerome, the ghost town, which is on the other side of the mountain from me, here ya go!
The Jerome Grand Hotel at the top center is said to be haunted. You have to be on a waiting list to stay there Halloween night. The hotel was a former hospital and my 73 year old aunt was born there. So there you have it! Snow in AZ. Also, you can drive two hours east and north to go skiing! And no the tourism board here is not paying me:))

I'm off to have another slice of pizza! My efforts to lose a few pounds is on hiatus!

Happy Thanksgiving! May the day be filled with food, family, and fun!


  1. Beautiful finishes! And snow in AZ? Great photo of the ghost town, that looks awesome. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love your photo of Jerome. We visited there several years ago. Great finishes! Joy to the World is just beautiful. I love any Halloween finish.

  3. Congrats on the cute finishes Shelly. Love the snow pics.


  4. beautiful stitching, cute finishes. Great snow pics.

  5. Doesn't Jerome look pretty...but when I visit I like it to be sunny warm and no snow!

  6. Che belli e happy thanksgiving!!!!

  7. Wow, I've been to Jerome many times, but never in the snow. What a beautiful picture. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Shelly: What a cute post, love the finishe's and the Joy To The World is beautiful.
    Love the ghost town so funny, I did not know that town was near you.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Love the pictures. Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  10. Great finishes.
    Love the ornament on your header.
    You had snow!
    The Ghost Town looks so cool.
    What a great picture with the snow.
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  11. Beautiful stitching and finishing. And a great picture of that ghost town.

  12. Beautiful finishes and what a lovely snowy weather!