Sunday, November 15, 2015

November Gifted Gorgeousness

Greetings from a gloomy, chilly Arizona day. Calling for snow showers tomorrow, Noooooo! I'm so not ready.

How are you all? I excavated Whoo's There? by PS out of my ever moving pile of WIPs..

And before..
Pictures are looking pretty gloomy too. I spent yesterday adding more to the house, the tree on the left, and the fence while watching the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and the Shining. Still haven't remembered to stitch in the Owls other leg on the left! It's starting to look great and will be even more once I fill in that whole diamond area.

I joined the PSS 12Days bandwagon and this is all I have!
Haha! My attention has been everywhere except on this. I've picked up some smaller WIPs here and there, made a new start for a gift and didn't realize the crown will take some time. I'll work at it but I have other projects I can use for gifts.

I won a little contest Tiffany of Tiffstitchesablog held. She asked for people to eyeball her gorgeous creation to find any missing stitches and I could certainly see how that was possible on this particular stitching. Well, I found a missing stitch that she didn't know of and I won! She just sent me these great fabrics..
The pictures just aren't getting any better! Linen in the left hand corner, the other two evenweaves. And the pink is just a ginormous size. Thank you Tiffany! I have projects lined up for these.

So I'm sure you heard that Stitch from Stash is no more by now. I can certainly understand Mel letting it go. These past weeks I've been a bad girl as far as stashing goes and I added a few more things to my pile..
Yeah, I was monitoring her website on these. I hemmed and hawed and finally said 'Just Do It!' It sits near my craft table acting like the elephant in the room, mocking me. It would work up so fast, but I enjoy looking at it as is. I know, weird!

I also bought this..
When I'll start this I don't know. After Mel sent out emails stating the end of SFS, I did what any self respecting quarterback says after winnng the Super Bowl and what he's doing after the game..I said Going Shopping! So I should be receiving more stash here pretty soon! 

This past week I hadn't done any stitching. Mr. Vertigo decided to stop in and stay for the entire week. It's not as bad as I've had, I just have to be careful getting out of bed, bending over. It sucks but I think I'll have it for the rest of my life. It gives me a headache which I'm not sure is from the vertigo or because I stress out over having it again. I found stitching gets my mind off of it. I can't let Mr. Vertigo win so I'll just keep keepin' on and hope it will disappear for almost a whole year like before.

Take care everyone! I'm appreciative of your comments so keep them coming! 

Prayers to the citizens of Paris. I'm totally horrified at the hatred some groups have and I think our world has changed drastically. Je Suis Paris. 


  1. Lots of great stitching. I think you celebrated the end of stitch from stash very honorably!!!! Good luck with Mr. Vertigo. Give him a good hit in the head!

  2. Great progress on your projects Shelly. Love your new stash.


  3. Congrats on winning and good progress on your projects :). Good luck with your vertigo

  4. I'm glad you liked the fabric and hope your vertigo stays away again for a good long while.

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog. It's nice to see your projects growing. You won some lovely fabric.

  6. Snow in Arizona? We havent had any yet! Love love love the reindeer!!! Hope your vertigo stays away -I cant imagine. Je suis Paris.

  7. Lovely stitching & great stashing! Love those little reindeer, they will be so much fun to make! :)

  8. Will be fun to watch your progress on the PSS mystery sampler!

  9. I also know I'm in trouble when I visit your blog, Shelly--you always have some new-to-you purchases that somehow make their way into my shopping cart, too! Those little reindeer are adorable!

    I can't believe you get snow in AZ? I always picture it as warm and sunny and dry! We've had such a warm fall here--just loving it :)

    Hope the vertigo leaves you alone soon. Have only had one attack (bad enough to hospitalize me), but that was enough! Hang in there...

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  11. Nice progress on the PS piece. And great start of the PSS 12 Days. I also want to stitch them but will wait until next year, there is just too much to stitch right now.
    I'm not ready for snow either but here they announced the first snow for this weekend, too. Not good but what can you do, lol.

  12. Great progress, and great stash.
    I hope your vertigo goes away soon.

  13. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love your one legged owl!
    Beautiful fabrics from Tiff too.
    Shame about the demise of Stitch from Stash. I'm going to complete the year though.

  14. Congrats on your progress. Lovely stash. Hope you'll feel better soon.