Saturday, January 23, 2016

Curse it!

Beware! A cuss word- H-E-double hockey sticks, is featured below. fair warning!

I have two finishes! Yay! Here is Things That Go Bump in The Night..
This is found in the special Halloween 2014 issue from JCS. I started this last year. Fairly easy, on 32ct black linen with DMC. It's like stitching with my eyes closed, it's kind of hard! Lol. The words went fast but the two ghosts- Not! 

Up next is the reason for my warning!
When I saw this on Pinterest, I had to have it! It's on Etsy at
Cost-a measly $5! So fitting wouldn't you say?! She has other designs at her shop. I think this is 28ct Monaco fabric. Anyone remember this fabric made by Charles Craft? It's nice to use up small pieces of fabric from the stash. I plan to turn this into a wall hanging, backed with mounting board, fabric, and blinged out! And hang it where I can see it first thing in the morning!

Aside from my small 3 hour break of stitching the above Etsy design, I have accidentally blundered into a rotation of sorts! The scary design was part of my 3 WIP rotation. I had it, The Journey, and Whoo's There by my stitching spot here on the couch. Those three were all I stitched and I found it to be a rotation kind of thing. I get a little bored just stitching on one WIP so I grab the other of the three. Now I'm down to 2 WIPs in this rotation and it seems to be working well. Well, until something else grabs my attention. Ha! After I have finished those two, I'll pick another 3 WIPs to work on. I'll juggle the size of them so I won't get overwhelmed.

Thank You to all of you for your comments last post! I feel empowered for taking stock of my health and am glad I did when I did. Two, three weeks on the medication and I feel real good. I haven't fallen asleep at work like I was doing, I've lost almost 9 lbs., clothes are fitting better, and I'm not so fuzzy headed like before. I wouldn't have ever thought that a low thyroid would throw all sorts of things out of wack! 

I thought I'd comment on a few comments here:

Vicki- I like the ability to keep track of the cholesterol and carbs I'm eating daily. It helps immensely.

D1-D2- I was amazed to find all the things that can happen with a low thyroid!

and Carol- Wow, you are tiny! I think I was 115 lbs when I was 10! I had known a cholesterol problem could be genetic. When I saw the blog with the portfolio, I just remember lots of unframed Mirabilia's being stored into it! 

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Those of you in the big storm's path, hope you stay warm and safe!


  1. Since I'm a symmetrical kind of person, I'm not too crazy about the bottom curlicue on the Carpe Diem piece. It looks too far down. I'll have to remedy that!

  2. LOL! I love your little ghosts and the Carpe Diem! LOL!

  3. Great projects...and good for you feeling better!

  4. I'm glad things are better for you and love your finishes! It sounds like a good stitching plan and should be easy to keep up on :)

  5. Glad your feeling better Shelly. Congrats on the cute finishes.


  6. Good for you for tackling your WIPS and your health!

  7. Glad you're feeling much better.

  8. Love both your finishes! Thank for the lovely welcome back.

  9. Nice finishes.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  10. Very cute finishes! And glad to know you're feeling better too.

  11. Great finishes! Congratulations.