Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lots of stuff!

Hi all. Hope the new year is going wonderfully for you! Mine has been stitchingly busy, as you will see below! Photo heavy as Mr. Selfridge plays in the background. Been watching it all day.

I managed to finish one of the new starts I have planned and that is the first block of Frosty Forest

I mentioned The Willow Tree Stitcher's changes to her Frosty Forest. She left off the swag at the top and just added more snowflakes. I liked the look of it but forgot to do it her way. I'm not about to frog all that so it's staying! The one bigger snowflake on the left should be left off if adding buttons and I stitched it in. Oh well, I'll just put the snowflake button on top of it. Buttons will be added at the end. For Stitch from Stash purposes, I will wait until the end for credit. I plan to stitch a block a month. I had no other new starts as of now but plan to here in a couple days.

Back in December, I managed to put more stitches in the LK Spooked sampler..

The last time, all I had was that first portion on the left.

This rotation I planned on didn't pan out! I knew that would happen. Instead I picked up WIPs as they spoke to me. They're the same ones mentioned in my last post and wait 'till you see what I've done with Jack's Bash though! Today I picked up Vintage Stars by Jeannette Douglas..here's before

Folks, this picture is from 2014! Sheesh.

Here is how she looks now..

Whew, those Quaker motifs take some stitching. I have several master copies of this and couldn't find one so had to print another. I'm having fun stitching on this. It's silk on 35ct.

Another WIP I worked on is Blackwater Hollow sampler by Stacy Nash...here is before..

October 31, 2015 is the last time it saw the light of day. I don't even know what happened to that needleminder! 


I'm not happy with the colors of the flowers, happy with the orange ones though. I saw a recent finish of this on another bloggers post and the leaves are green instead of this brown color I have. She either changed them or my skeins for those flowers are just old but I'll just plug along. The black line is the handle to a black kettle. This deserves to be finished this year. I don't have the chart anymore, been working on a copy. You could say there are 4 pages to this and somehow I have lost or threw out the first two! The area below the cat is unknown and I'll have to fudge it and stick a flower in there! I'm having to stitch that bottom portion just to get to the left side border and stitch up because the missing pages contain the part of the fence! Aargh! Moral of the story-Don't make copies and then lose or throw them out!

And now here's Jack!

And before..

I just love Jack and I got a good amount of work on him. The man is holding a pumpkin but I don't know what the lady has. I thought it was a bee skep but now I think it looks like a squash of some kind! It's done in tent stitch. About tent stitch-I used this stitch for the Happy Hallowe'en at the top but look at the 'ober' at the end of the alphabet, that's a full stitch 1 over 1. Below the house is the verse and I'm not sure if I want to go with tent or a full cross stitch 1 over 1. The full stitch shows up more than the tent stitch but using the tent means I'll fly over the verse! Hmm, what to do. Stay tuned! I'm looking forward to the bottom part with Jack and his lady and two large urns on either side, with flowers. That verse, though..

I bought a chart! I forgot how much but it's still within my budget in Stitch from Stash..

That heart on the top did it for me! I'm really liking her designs as I have one other that is fully kitted, Halloween of course!

I mentioned I joined a month long SAL on FB for Mardi Gras? Here is what I have planned..

What do you all think? Silks on 32ct linen. I keep wavering between this black fabric and white. I plan to stitch the pillow.

Okay one last picture! We don't have a Chick fil A restaurant here. It's a fast food place that offers just chicken and their waffle fries are out of this world. At work we got to talking about them and I decided on a Saturday to hop in my car and drive 80-some miles to a Chick fil A! They have them in Phoenix but didn't feel like messing with the traffic there so I headed north!

The forecast was supposed to be snow here but they cancelled that, no snow or I wouldn't have gone. I'm driving here on Interstate 17 to Flagstaff, where that big mountain is in the distance. I found the place and drove and ate! I came down through Sedona, Cottonwood, and up through Jerome and to home. It was a nice drive, roads were clear. Living the life! Lol.

Alrighty! I'm done and Mr. Selfridge is begging me to change the disc to the next set of episodes. All the stitchy pictures were taken today with, finally, sunny skies. The last few weeks the sun has taken to hiding and finally have had some sun. It's been pretty gloomy around here. 

Plans for my stitching is that new start, finishing a few small things to get that credit in SFS, and continue working on WIPs. I'll try to get on here at the end of this month with hopefully some big finishes. Crossing my fingers! 

Take care!


  1. I am loving all of your projects! You have excellent taste. I love chick fil a - the nuggets are what I get!!

  2. Congrats on the pretty finish Shelly. Wonderful progress on all of your lovely projects. I have never been to a Chick fil a but have heard they are good.


  3. Great progress Shelly - especially on Jack! Your Quaker piece looks pretty, they don't appeal to me to stitch them but I like seeing them on stitching blogs.
    I started Frosty Forest when it first came out in 2014 and have just picked it up again! I also plan to stitch a block a month until it is done. I have almost finished 3 blocks. I can't remember why I put it aside as I really love it!

  4. Lots of lovely stitching and great progress :-)
    I love the Quaker Piece and I have plans to start Frosty Forest too :-)

    I've never heard of Chick Fil, but i'm impressed you drove all that way to eat, lol, it must be good!

  5. That is a lot of road for a chicken sandwich! When I was still working, there was a Chick Fil A at the other end of the parking lot, so I would pick up a salad for me and a sandwich for Mr H every so often...they are good. Great projects as always.

  6. You have been stitching away like crazy, so many great WIPs and fantastic progress you have made on them. Well done!

  7. Great progress on all of your WIPS.
    Love Jack's Bash, too cool.
    I vote for the black fabric and variegated floss for Fleur de Lys.
    That will be awesome.
    Love that Valentine drum.
    Glad you fulfilled your Chick fil A craving. :)
    Sometimes it's nice to take a long ride somewhere.

  8. Great post!
    Love the quaker & sampler you're working on.
    Great new stash too!!

  9. Excellent progress on everything! I really like the black fabric for Mardi Gras, but there's a decent amount, so you have to like stitching on black. :)

  10. You are making great progress! Beautiful stitching!

    I love Chick-fil-A too but they don't have them in Michigan. We have to drive down to South Bend, IN which isn't too bad. We are in Florida for the winter so I plan to get my fill while we're here!


    Sorry, I got distracted. :O) Wonderful progress on aaaaall your projects.

  12. Lovely projects that you've brought back out to work on!
    What fun to take a little road trip up to Flagstaff for Chik-Fil-A, lol!!

  13. Mardi Gras is going to be wonderful on the black. I must have similar tastes to you as I just love all your projects. Jack's Bash is really calling my name, I just don't know if I can do all that verse in over one. But there is nothing that I like better than a Halloween Sampler!! What a fun road trip. My DH and I loved Flagstaff when we visited a few years ago.

  14. You have some beautiful stitches! Happy stitching ....

  15. I love your WIPS. They are all so beautiful.

  16. Love that you drove all that way for Chick-Fil-A, Shelly! I just love that place and it is our go-to fast food restaurant when we travel... But, it looks like a lovely day for a drive. Not sure where I ever got the idea that AZ doesn't get snow! We've had virtually no snow this month here in western PA--crazy weather!

    Looks like January has been one very productive month for you! I still need to watch Mr. Selfridge. After you are done, try "The Paradise" if you haven't watched it yet... Right now, I'm hooked on The Crown :)

    Enjoy your last few days of January stitching--on to February!!

  17. Wow great progress! I totally love that black fabric with the rainbow thread