Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finished Christmas ornaments

Just two of them but I love how they turned out! I'm about finished with Ho Ho Ho by Val's Stuff. After I post here, I'll get on with it. Yes, just 3 ornaments for the year but I finished a few earlier in the year. I'm itching to start something big. Here's my ornies
Bringing Home the Tree by LHN. Cute huh?! The backing fabric is a red and white striped fabric. I cut out a small square of batting to put under the design to give it some softness. Here's the next one

Oh, surprise!, another LHN design. Called Blue House in Winter, from the newest JCS ornament mag. I thought this was a Blackbird Designs design! I made this to look almost like the model in the magazine. I have the blue felt on hand, the ric-rac is a different color and I used buttons that match the chimney and the holly berries? at the corners. I may glue something on the wool side though. It's looking kind of blank. Here they are together..

Took me about 25 minutes to put these together.

We got our first snowfall of the season. Glad it did it during the weekend though. Didn't stop us from Christmas shopping on Saturday, hehe.
December 21st is closing in on us...did you comment on the last post to enter the Giveaway? Click here-  Giveaway to leave a comment and your choice of candy/chocolate. Anyone and everyone are welcome!

I'll be back before the end of this year with a picture of Ho Ho Ho. I'm also lining up all my Turtle Trot WIPs for their picture day. I'll have all 13 of them posted here, depending on Blogger of course! BTW, did I mention I'm using a new camera? It's a GE and it's very nice. Pictures come out really nice and pictures are loaded onto my computer really fast. I bought it right after Black Friday.

Thanks for stopping in and visiting! Appreciate all the comments coming in on the Giveaway post. Don't forget to let me know what kind of candy/chocolate you like! Take Care!


  1. Beautiful ornaments, love the ways you finished them!


  2. I just love the bring home the tree design. Your finishes are wonderful. We had a decent bit of snow last week, just about all gone. Just in time for the next big one rolling in tomorrow night. Here is hoping for a white Christmas.

  3. Your ornaments are fantastic! I hope to try to finish some of mine into ornies too. I have to pick my 13 for the Turtle Trot, too. Happy Stitching!

  4. Great Ornament finishes. Bringing home the tree is a personal favorite

  5. Both ornament finishes look wonderful!! Great job!
    I guess I haven't heard about the Turtle Trot...have to do a little research.

  6. Beautiful finishes and finishing!

  7. Love the ornaments Shelly. You did a great job on the finishing. I am so excited about the TT SAL. I have picked my 13, but I'm sure I will change my mind between now the the 13th. lol


  8. Shelly, your ornaments are perfect--love each one. I always forget about using the pompom edging and it turns out so cute. Will definitely have to remember that next year for some of my ornaments :)

    It's snowing here right now--just in time for Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!