Friday, December 21, 2012

Playing Santa-HoHoHo!

So now I've received everything I was waiting for from USPS for this giveaway and here it is, divvied up! This is the Grand Prize with the LHN Holiday House with fabric for it.
And here's the Consolation prize with Pineberry Lane's Bringing Home the Tree with fabric.
Can't wait! I've had fun gathering this all together and wish I could give something to all of you. Thanks for your participation and your comments! BTW, here's the link to post a comment for entry into this Giveaway!

Books, books, books! I can't live without 'em!
My new reading for 2013. Just ignore that mini bottle of whiskey there at the right! It's a '65 bottle of Early Times that I was selling on eBay along with other mini bottles of liquor. I imagine drinking a bottle of 47 year old whiskey would pickle the liver and more--eww, yuck! Even drinking new stuff would make me say the same thing!

I haven't taken pictures of my WIPs yet but I have lined up new starts for 2013! I'm going bonkers big in 2013!

 School Days
La D Da
JCS Oct. '03

I'm sooo glad I bought this camera. These pictures are coming out so good!

I'm seeing the Crazy January Challenge ladies are gearing up again for 2013 with 3 different challenges, including one for WIPs. It's tempting to join again but I need to work on my WIP pile!

I'll be back later if the world still exists! with the winners names. Thanks everyone!


  1. Oooo....look at those goodies. Nice book list you've got going. I have two in the night stand and five more waiting on the dresser. I do not like not having a few books in waiting at any given time. Enjoy your reads.

  2. What great new projects. You have picked some wonderful designs!
    Congratulations to the winners! Lucky girls :)

  3. It's so nice to see all your new starts ready with fabric and floss. Happy stitching in 2013!!