Sunday, December 30, 2012

What the SAL??!! Happy New Years!

Oh boy! This is what can happen when under the influence of several pecan pie bars loaded with chocolate! I've joined 3 other SAL's besides the Turtle Trot!

Stitching The Little House Flock

I figured that these cute sheep are small enough for me to stitch and finish. After all, Vonna does ask for just the stitching completed. Finishing the sheep are optional. If you haven't heard of this yet here's the link Little Sheep Virtues. Stitching Bits and Bobs have the pattern and button for sale at their site and may offer both as an auto program. I've already pre-ordered; I now need to order the fabric for these sheep. I'm looking forward to this!

Ornament SAL 2013

Reflections in the Pond is starting an ornament SAL for 2013. You can stitch any kind of ornament be it Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or etcetera etcetera. Here's the link Ornament SAL 2013. Check it out.


I already have the dates up for posting on my sidebar. Just another way to get me to post more often! Here's the link TUSAL.

And of course, the Turtle Trot 2013

I'm supposed to post pictures of my WIPs. There are dates to follow for posting progress and I think it's the 13th of every month, yikes! So here we go

I have not touched this since stitching this little bit almost a year ago!!
My poor, poor neglected Winter at Beacon House. I'll try to stitch this more often and finish it because I have another Praiseworthy Stitches design I want to stitch later on in the year.

This is Christmas Magic from the 2010 ornament magazine from JCS. This is part of the ladies' dress. The designer and the magazine escapes me! I guess I better find the magazine.
Called Klagetoh IV, a Navajo rug. This'll be a perfect Christmas gift for a friend of mine who is Navajo. This is on 14ct Aida. Lots of stitching left!

From an old BH&G Christmas magazine. This is the year of the Mitten!

(Hanging head)

(Can't wait to see what Blogger will do with these two pics!) It's supposed to be a
This one is a contender for early finishing as I just have the flower heads to stitch.

It's pretty overcast today, we may get some rain/snow tonight. I need to stitch this; it's too nice to leave it lying around! So far so good. I'm waiting for Blogger and/or my computer to act up with all these pics I'm putting up!

I must admit that I've been stitching on this for the last 3 days. Filling in that boot is some work! Do you see my mistake here? I'm a center starter and that's what I did. But I must've turned it around and started stitching. I may have just enough fabric for framing! It's supposed to be! I took it off the Q-snap and thought-oh crap! But my mistake turned out to be good as I'll have 2 pieces of fabric to use for ornaments for the SAL I mentioned above! I think you may know that La D Da has an ornament of witches feet in one of the JCS Halloween magazines. Not bad huh!

So I tried to load another picture and no go so I'll post the last 3 WIPs tomorrow. I have leftover Christmas ornaments kitted up, a few Halloween and I'm looking through all my charts and freebie charts to get ready for the Ornament SAL. I'm looking forward to all the stitching I'll be doing in 2013! I'm certifiably committed!

I need to put an ALL POINTS BULLETIN out for the MIA Deb from Threadgatherers! Where are you Deb? If you see this, you won the big prize! Send me an email to let me know your address.

I'm going to get back to stitching cheating on Something Wicked. It's back to work tomorrow, then off for the 1st. I'm still in Christmas mode because I feel like it just snuck up on me. We had a great time eating too much and opening gifts. Hope you all did too! Thanks everyone; I appreciate your comments and even those who lurk, coming from a former lurker!


  1. Love your TT picks Shelly. I too signed up for it.

    Happy New Year

  2. I'm in the Turtle Trot SAL too! I'm sure you'll get some of these finished for sure in 2013. Happy Stitching!