Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Here's my jar
I'm seeing Easter-y and Spring-y colors in the jar. I'm stitching LHN's Love Sheep. Yes, I'm a month behind on the Flock! I'm on automatic with the Sheep so I've already received Peace, which I think is more cute than the previous two.

I've been putting in some stitches on Baby It's Cold Outside

I've added the snowflakes on the left, the beginnings of the house, the snowflake to the right of the house, and Fire for fireplace. Love that Pomegranate from Simply Shaker/GAST; it's my new favorite color. When I first began stitching this, I had reservations about how everything was going to fit inside the border but it's working out!

I did a little stashing too!
L to R: Flowers kit by LizzieKate, Three Tulips by Country Stitches/WTN&T, and Black Cats Trick or Treat by The Sweetheart Tree. I also picked up some fabric

The first one is Lilac which is for one of the extra designs that came with the Mystery Sampler from LK. The other two are for whatever.
And now for your entertainment, may I introduce my Easter Hat! Over at the Stitched with Love exchange, Lainey had an Easter Bonnet/Hat contest. The prize was a small design with backing fabric, trim, floss. There were only 4 of us crazies who made a bonnet/hat and Lainey's hubby picked me!
That's me underneath. I took a straw hat I found for $1.00 at a second-hand store, covered it in green check, hot-glued the house and everything else to it! Took me 20 minutes! Wish I had a better pic. So anyway, I'm patiently waiting for my prize to arrive all the way from Scotland which, btw, is on my bucket list to visit! Speaking of exchange, I received my partners' package and love it all! I'm just waiting for the OK to show what I have.

I'm seeing a few bloggers who have already signed up with Bloglovin. I've set up an account but just to follow. I'm confused at whether we can keep our blogs here or do we set up a blog with Bloglovin? Or is it needed to read other blogs? Those of you in the know-let me know! Myself, I like having everything right on one page like it is now!

Well the washing machine is calling me so I'd better attend to it. I just want to say to everyone Thanks for leaving comments. I enjoy reading them! And it's exciting that I'm up to 91 followers-Yay! Welcome! Take Care

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  1. Love you Easter Bonnet! Congrats on the win.
    Lovely stitching too and new stash!