Monday, November 4, 2013

TUSAL November, a finish


Here's my orts (seems like it was just yesterday I was doing this same thing!)

I finished No Quitter by The Scarlett House

I was worried the GAST Oatmeal at the borders wouldn't show up well but it did. I'll make this into a pillow. Yes, a pillow! I've been on a pinkeep/flat-ornament kick because I had admired everyone's pinkeeps but I was too scared to try my own. Vonna of Twisted Stitcher has a very good tutorial for that. My next try will be a flat fold!

Mary's Sampler

The shepherd was added. I'm beginning to see the basic shape of this. I think Joseph and Mary and the shepherd are going to be the left and right borders. There are 3 weeks left, so it'll be interesting to see what other motifs Paulette is going to add.

Home ~ A Diminutive Sampler by Pineberry Lane. My progress...

I'm holding my breath with the yellowish thread, GAST Roasted Marshmallow. I'm doing 2 over 2 and the directions said 1 over 2, and I may run out. But this is 30ct fabric and I thought 1 over would be pretty sparse.

All the Giveaway winners received their winnings and are happy with them. Yay! My 3rd blogiversary is coming up in December, so I'm going to plan for that. Maybe a handmade item and goodies or a gift certificate to 123stitch...we'll see!

So I'm trying to decide on what to stitch next, besides Home and Mary. I really should work on some Turtle T WIPs, since the posting time is coming up. I'll do the eenie meenie minie mo thing and pick something!

Have a super day everyone! As always, thanks for stopping in, leaving comments, or just stalking. I appreciate y'all!

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  1. Cute finish and great progress on the other pieces Shelly. I still need to work on 7 Turtle Trot pieces before the 13th.


  2. Mmm Chocolate. I love this finish. I hope that you don't run out of thread.
    Have a great week!

  3. Love the no quitter piece! Now you've got me wondering about the sampler, though. Don't you think the wise men will be on each side?

  4. Great finish and your WIPs look great. I am enjoying Mary's sampler too. Thanks again for all the wonderful giveaway goodies!

  5. Ha ha--that is so cute, Shelly! Love your Mary's Sampler update, too! You'll do just fine with your pillow finish--they are my favorites :)

  6. I'm no quitter either .....pass the chocolate.

    CUTE project!

  7. Very lovely stitching Shelly!! The Mary's Sampler is coming along beautifully. If you need some more Roasted Marshmallow, let me know because I think I have a skein around. Hugs!!