Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ornament SAL October, The Giveaway That Almost Wasn't!, and progress


Here's my ornament for October

I have misplaced the printed freebie chart. For the life of me, I can't remember who designed this. Maybe some of you know. I stitched it on 32ct ivory linen with WDW Louisiana Hot Sauce and I love that color. I thought it would look great against the ivory linen. Then I used a Kreinik fiber, the shiny colorful stuff, for the dots on the I's. They don't sparkle in the picture though. Don't forget to click on the pictures for better looks. This stitched up in just a couple days.

The Giveaway That Amost Wasn't, hmm. For starters, some of the items never made it to me until almost a whole month. I mention that in my last post, I think! And then two of the packages sat in my post office for a couple days because I made some mistakes on the packaging and the kind of postage I put on them and the clerks didn't notify me of the problem until 2 days later. On a side note: my local post office is trying to single-handedly save the USPS from going down the pipes and therefore, catch everyone on tiny mistakes that mean the difference between 1 cent and 0.50. Whatever floats their boat! Okay, rant over, onward!

I finally sent off everyone their Giveaway winnings and Diana let me know she got hers. Since she doesn't have a blog, I'll show you what I sent and made for her. She picked Halloween

Btw, she's the nicest person! I sent the Book of Days needlework calendar for 2014, the Halloween Silhouette pattern with a skein of silk and the linen that is below the scissors, the Halloween fabrics, the D needleminder, the scary scissors, scary DMC colors, and the Mystifying Mints in that great Ouija board tin, and

This is the Eliza An Pinkeep from the Merry Hallowe'en book of pin keeps by Stacy Nash, made into a flat ornament. I finished it off with the spider charm, the pretty fabric for the backing, and black trim. Diana liked it all. Thanks Diana, for visiting. I'm just glad it made it to her in time for Halloween!

Moral to the story-Give gift certificates! Lol. I really did enjoy making the flat ornaments though; could do without the drama!

I've been stitching and here's a new start

Love this! It called for 40ct but I'm using 36ct flax and the called for threads. I'll make it into a pillow and trim it with a dark brown chenille that I have. I just finished the cookie.

And here's Home by Pineberry Designs

Looking more like a home! I didn't read directions and am using 2 strands of the Toasted Marshmallow when it called for 1 strand. I'm hoping I don't run out of Toasted Marshmallow!

As for Mary's Sampler from PSS, I only stitched two angels. There's more to stitch this time around I've noticed! So no picture of Mary.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Thanks, everyone, for stopping in and leaving a comment. Hope those of you who do Halloween, have a real spooky one, watch some scary movies. To those who don't, have a Happy Autumn Thursday!

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  1. Lovely ornie finish! You just cant beat red and white in my opinion. What a wonderful package you send Diana! I got mine today and just sent you an email. I am sure she is as thrilled with hers as I am mine. Great WIP's you have. I am still working on this week's installment of Mary too. :o)

  2. Great update. I love this month's ornament. Your other projects are looking great too. Boo! Happy Halloween!

  3. That looks like a Sampler Girl design... Nice give away pkg and beautiful stitching.

  4. What a great gift package you sent to Diane! Your ornaments both look amazing. I have also noticed that each part of Mary's Sampler has more and more to stitch! I need to catch up!

  5. Nice projects! I received that stitchers Book of Days from a friend recently, it's really nice. Like your Christmas ornie!

  6. Hello Shelly!! I don't know if you got my email yet, but I received your package and was amazed at what you sent! I'll be doing a blog post monday showcasing the beautiful pinkeep you made me. It's already displayed in my home :D
    I love the little Christmas stitch you made. Not sure where it's from though. You really have a knack for making the pinkeeps. Diana's is very cute and I'm glad it made it to her for Halloween. The post can be ridiculous sometimes. I've been waiting 2 weeks for a letter from Toronto...sigh Canada post is very slow. Great new starts too!