Sunday, October 13, 2013

Turtle Trot October, a finish, a start, EE-I-EE-I-O

I have a Turtle Trot finish!

This is Dead of Night by Funk and Weber Designs. On 32ct black linen. If you look at the last time I posted a picture of this, you'll see that weird line of stitches that was above the cats back. I ripped that out and stitched it better. I'm glad to have this one done. I was over on the HOE Exchange site checking out the rules for their new Halloween I exchange. I came thisclose to joining that! I know! Monday is the deadline to sign up. I'm ready to move on from Halloween.

Here's another Trot WIP that I finally dragged out. All it had was the heart and most of the house

What a horrible picture! It looked bright enough when I took it! Here's what it should look like done

I hope to have it finished for Christmas 2014! There's a lot of backstitching on this. Vonna from the Twisted Stitcher brought up tossing a WIP that she lost interest in. I'm starting to feel that way about some of my Turtle Trot WIPs. I know of one that I just dread working on. I have a few stitches on it. I'll make a decision on it soon.

So I had a hankering for a new start

Sheesh! Another bad pic. The color of the house on the chart soo not matches what I'm stitching. I think the discrepancy is from the camera flash when the picture is taken for the charts. Not much I can do. Another thing I've noticed is the finished measurement is so much bigger than what I have! I'm using the called for linen count. It's a mystery to me!

Seeing as I've been a good girl not buying oodles of stash lately, I treated myself to these two

LHN Exodus 20:16 on the left. I snagged this on eBay. On the right is Little Lamb Sleeping by the Drawn Thread.

It's looking like I'll finally have my ONS order sometime this coming week. On the invoice it says if you have not received your order, wait 14 days to contact us. So I contacted them. They emailed me Friday to say my order is on its way. You know, with 123Stitch I never have this problem of them having to backorder anything. Besides, they let you know when something can ship out right on the item page. I like them a lot.

Since Diana has not gotten a hold of me concerning her giveaway win, I'm giving her until this coming Friday to contact me. There's no way to get a hold of her. So, if I don't hear from her then, Saturday I'll draw another persons name on the Giveaway post. So be sure to check this blog this coming weekend.

Well, I gotta cook dinner. I see I'm up to 108 followers. Welcome! Thanks for commenting and visiting, appreciate it!

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  1. Dead of Night looks! All that white on black stitching. I would be blind after stitching that.

  2. Woohoo! Fun Halloween finish. I understand losing interest in a piece. I would put it up and come back to it later. Lovely new start and stash. Have a great week!

  3. Love that Halloween finish, Shelly!! I just love things stitched on black :)

  4. Congratulations on your finish!! And lovely work on the rest. Good luck getting that mitt done in time for Xmas. I know when I have a piece I dread working on I'll work on it every other or every third stitching session. So I'll stitch once or twice on something I really want, then take some time to work on the less desirable piece. I do empathize with wanting to chuck some though.. but I feel like if I've started it I have to keep going or I wasted all that time.

  5. Congrats on the cute finish Shelly. I just posted my TT. I too, got rid of one that I was hating. Nice progress on the other one. Great new start and stash.


  6. Wow, congratulations on a big finish! Stitching white on such a tiny count black linen must have been a challenge! It looks great! Will you make your Christmas design into a potholder too? I'm bored with a few of my TT pieces too. I think some of them will turn into UFO status and I'll pick 14 new ones for the Turtle Trot 2014 next year!