Saturday, October 5, 2013

TUSAL October, Yoo Hoo Diana! and Lighting a fire underneath my...hmm

It's that time again, which means we're snowballing through this part of the year! I invite you to the right of my blog, at the sidebar where it says TUSAL dates, and there will be just two, TWO, more dates! Things are going too fast, I have no Christmas gifts bought yet, and no Christmas-y things stitched. Aaahhh!

Here's my orts

Lots of black, white, and orange there. I've moved on to Christmas stitching though, starting with PSS's Mystery Sampler. Here's the little bit that I have

If the rest of the pattern goes this way with the small amount to stitch, I can keep up. I'm doing mine on 36ct Vintage Lentil from Lakeside with most of the right flosses. The sun hadn't gotten to my side of the house yet with this bad picture.

There's a little 'something' going on right now with a blogger who has an open letter to a designer on her blog stating her displeasure with the difference of floss color on the model on the chart and the actual stitching. Here's my take on all that..while getting my thread together to stitch the PSS sampler, this is what I came upon with GAST Shaker White

Even with my dreary picture, you can see a big difference in color. The lighter color I bought earlier this year or last. Wow. I have to eyeball a pattern to see if I have enough thread from the one lot to stitch what I need to because no telling if you'll get that same color when you order.

The second part of my title means I've got to hunker down and stitch more. This past week was stressful so I picked up a needle and finished one of my Turtle WIP's, which I'll show on the 13th. Just the act of stitching got my head back on straight and now I'm motivated to start a whole bunch of stuff!

I'm putting out an ALL POINTS BULLETIN (police-speak!) on Diana, the other winner of one of my giveaways. Yoo Hoo, Diana!! She has yet to email me with her mailing address, and she has no blog but follows several. Lesson learned, next time I have a giveaway, I'll ask everyone to put an email with their comment. Myra and Ann, I haven't forgotten you! I'm still waiting on a shipment from an ONS, which is taking awhile.

Well, Autumn has certainly arrived here in the high desert of AZ. Its downright chilly! Love it!

Hope the weather is great where you're at! Welcome follower 104!

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  1. Big color difference....still waiting for our days to cool down. The overnights down here are not bad but when the sun appears....

  2. Love your new mystery sampler. What a major colour difference :(

  3. I am thinking I can keep up with this SAL too. Joseph and Mary are so tiny but oh so cute. I can hardly wait until tomorrow for part 2. No worries on the giveaway...I know it will be worth the wait. :o)

  4. so cute!

    Good sunday!

  5. Colors, dye lots can be so tricky--I'm with you gie the designers a break

  6. Pretty orts and a cute new start. What a difference in floss color. I have found that with some of the older DMC colors too.


  7. I, diana hoo am leaving my e mail. Today is my birthday and would love to get a stitch!!!