Monday, October 21, 2013

Blingin' Downton Abbey!

Speaking of Downton Abbey, did you know that the new season comes out sometime in January? Can't wait! I love that show! It's been gone for almost a whole year. Deadliest Catch is like that in that the show comes back on in April and ends in July and then the wait begins.:(

I'm making inroads with finishing all my ornaments and small stuff. Remember Downton Abbey? Well here she is, all blinged out!

Designed by The Sampler Girl, I chose my own fiber colors for this. I checked out Vonna's tutorial for the flat ornament, and since I haven't figured out how to put a link on here that'll connect you right away, here's the address Thanks Vonna! Anyway, my confidence doing the flat ornament has gone up exponentially! And now I just want to flat-ornament everything!! So I'm trying to use fabric that I have already, and this fabric I thought could match the silk that I used for the words. Then I prettied it up with the trim, made the small bow and attached it with the gold pin on top. It's pretty!

Diana, Ann, and Myra, you'll be happy to know that the Giveaway packages you've been patiently waiting for will be in the mail Tuesday! Yay! My gosh, that ONS I ordered from took forever. I emailed them and asked about my order, and on this past Friday, it arrived. It took a month. I was disappointed in how they packaged it up though. They took a loose piece of bubble wrap and put everything in it, didn't try to tape it up and when I got it, half of the things were in the mailer and the other half rolled up in the bubble wrap. Their website says they answer their emails in 48 hours, but I never got an answer. I'm liking the Inspired Needle and 123Stitch more and more! They do a great job.

I thought I'd show my glue-smooshing technique to stick the back and front of an ornament together

What do you think? Lol! Top to bottom: a five pound weight, broken 3 lb. weight, a book of the best poems, a Harry Potter book, and An Echo in The Bone by Diana Gabaldon! Below all that is the ornament! Haha. All amongst the chaos that is known as my crafting table. It does the job!

Here's my stitching on Mary's Sampler by PSS

So since it looks like Diana doesn't have a blog, I've taken a picture of the ornament I made for her and the goodies. I'll wait for her to receive her package and then I'll post pictures. I forgot to take pictures of Myra's and Ann's prizes but they may post pictures on their blogs.

I think that's it. Today is the last day of my 3-day weekend, back to work tomorrow, and I've got laundry to do. Not to mention my new favorite show is on tonight, Sleepy Hollow. It's almost Halloween too. Bwahahhah!

Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Love the finish! You did a great job with the finishing.
    I enjoy the Deadliest Catch too. So glad that they have started fishing since the shutdown is over.

  2. Good finish with the flat fold. Vonna does a great job with the tutorial. Your Mary's Sampler is looking very nice....

  3. Everything looks good Shelly. Congrats on the finishes.


  4. Wonderful finish of your Downton Abbey. I too am a Deadliest Catch fan...I just love watching those guys.
    I am having fun with Mary's Sampler too, it is such a cute design so far.
    I will let you know as soon as my package arrives. :o)

  5. Love the Downton Abbey finish. And yes I'm a fan of the show but last season's ending really bummed me out! I've also been a Deadliest Catch fan for many years. I just discovered that the Harris boys wrote a biography about Capt Phil - it's going to be in my next Amazon order!

  6. Very cute finish, Shelly--wow, you really smoosh those down well. Had to laugh at the weights on top!! I've only used books myself, but may have to try your weight idea :)