Monday, April 14, 2014

A finish and a find

That's right! I saw this over at another blog and thought this is so appropriate for me because I found fabric when I straightened up my bedroom/craft room-
Now if I could just find the missing cross stitch magazine that goes with a WIP I'd like to work on!

My real reason for coming back is this
Kind of blurry on this Blogger app but hopefully it'll look better on my blog. In The Meadow made into a pillow. I love it! The mother of pearl buttons I used were to disguise the bottom where I made a mess joining the cord up. Then to balance it out, added them to the top. The fabric below it is the backing. I meant to add some balsam but I forgot! I'll keep this one. I'm not sure I'll work with this big of cord again, too bulky. I'm off to turn that PSS Mary's Sampler into a pillow also.

Just a small post. Thanks for dropping in!


  1. It looks great Shelly and the buttons look so cute - clever idea. Joining up the trim is always a pain I find. Nice finish!

  2. The buttons did a perfect job! I would never have known there was a joining problem. That is such a cute stitch!

  3. Cleaning out the craft room/cupboards always reveals things forgotten. What a great finish Shelly with the buttons on top and the bottom! That cording is awesome but I could see how it would be tricky to put together.

  4. Lovely finishing! I know that you will be using up that linen soon! More Stitch From Stash!! Woohoo!!

  5. Love that finish, Shelly!! I usually end up covering where my cording ends, too. You're right, that bigger cording is more difficult to work with. You really did a wonderful job on it, though :)

  6. Beautiful finish Shelly.