Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash-April

Greetings on a wet, snow showery day. It was raining and it just turned to snow! Funny how we had to wait until the end of April for snow! It won't stick though.

Here's the low down on my SFS:
           $2.78 on DMC and cord trim
            17.08 on two charts that I showed on my last post and..
            31.00 PTP fabric
For a total of $50.86 spent for the month. I had a $33.99 balance at the end of March with $25.00 for April. I now have a balance of $8.13. 

I bought everything at the beginning of April, so I had self-control the rest of the month!

I'm averaging $23.00 a month in stash since joining this challenge. Not bad but I need to cut that down even further. Still, it's nowhere near the $50 a month I WAS spending!

I had no new starts from my stash but I did work on a bunch of WIPs: Vintage Stars, Fancey Blackett, Scary Sampler, Winter Wind Sampler (just the rooftop, nothing special), Hornbook Angel, and School Days. I really put in some time on Hornbook Angel

Here's what it looked like last time
It's stitching up nicely. I'll finish this soon.

And here's some progress on School Days
This isn't the real color by the way! Last time, I had just the top row of letters.

Maybe you'll recall in January I said I was going to stitch two ornaments a month? Well, here's the second one, lol!
This is Smell My Feet by La D Da, stitched on 35ct Havana using the called for silks. All from my stash. It only took me 3 months to stitch this but look at all that black! From the Oct. 2008 issue of JCS. I think it's time to start another ornament.

Carol will be happy to know there were no Temptations for me this month! And that was because I took an accounting of all my stash and was horrified, a little, haha, that I have 56 charts, 24 of those with fabric, and 7 that have both floss and fabric! Also, 17 patterns from various magazines and that doesn't even count all the JCS ornament mags, Christmas and Halloween! I have 2 Scarlet Quince patterns and 3 HAED patterns, and 3 Dimensions kits. Sheesh!

How about a picture from my hometown of Prescott, Arizona. Judging by the one restaurant there, this was more than 8 years ago. 
The big hill in the background is called Thumb Butte, and its the bottom of a very dead volcano. Obviously this picture was taken in Spring as the trees are greening up.

Thanks ladies, for stopping in and leaving comments! TUSAL is up next, see ya then!


  1. Lovely stitching - Smell My Feet looks great. You are doing great at staying within your SFS budget.

  2. Great job on your WIP's!! I too have looked at how many charts I have and wonder how I will stitch them all!! Love the photo of your hometown. So quaint and pretty with the dead volcano in the background.

  3. Whew! No new temptations :) Ha ha!!

    Lovely stitching on those WIPs, Shelly! And the photo of Prescott is so interesting--that's not how I imagined AZ at all!