Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fancey makes an appearance, Turtle Trot April

So I've downloaded a more newer BlogPress app and hopefully this will take care of this problem I'm having of uploading pictures.

Hope your having Spring-like weather in your part of the country. It's been kinda warm here.

I worked on 3 WIPs this past month. Here's Fancey Blackett and her oversized dancing partner!
As you can see, I added more leaves, acorns, Fancey and her partner. In a months time I should be finished with her because all that's left is corn stalks, crows, pumpkins, and squiggly vines.

Here's how she looked last time
So I'm going to post this now and see if its works. Thanks for coming by!


  1. Well it works but my pictures are just huge. Back to the drawing board.

  2. Fancey Blackett is just delightful!!!

  3. Oh I really like that design! Not seen it before but it is cute and quirky. Love it!