Saturday, April 12, 2014

The rest of the story

I'm kind of happy with my previous post so lets do another! Actually, it's a Blogger app that I'm using now. I cropped pictures of the other WIPs that I worked on to see if they would fit better, so here we go
It does look smaller. It may fit on my blog better. Vintage Stars by Jeannette Douglas. I last worked on this sometime last year. Here is what it looked like before
Lots of work yet to do but I WILL finish this this year!

And last but not least, after finding the copies of the floss symbols and chart of this section, is LK Mystery Scary Sampler, yay!
Here's what it looked like before

So far, so good. I have one more picture of fabric that I bought and I love love it! Crystal Phoenix linen by PTP. 
I think I have about $3 and change left from my budget after this! It's gorgeous and for a couple ornaments out of the JCS ornament magazines.

I'm not all that happy with this app either. Every time I want to add more text after a picture, it scrolls to the top automatically and then I find myself adding text to the beginning of this post. It's better still than what was going on before. I thought it was the end of my blogging career! A desk top computer would work better (no apps!) but that'll have to wait!

Thanks for hanging with me though! Progress on Fancey Blackett is the last post before this one, check her out and her dancing partner. 


  1. Umm, no, my cropping did not help. A least the pics are big which is what I've always wanted. I'll just deal with it!

  2. Great progress on your pieces. Your blog looks fine on my phone! I love that red fabric- can't wait to see your ornaments on it.

  3. On my Kindle there's a little overlap of your pics and the right side listings. Bet it would be fine on my laptop. Will have to look. :)
    Nice goo g on your projects!

  4. Vintage Stars is gorgeous! Very quakerish!! As for the app, never heard of it but if you are looking to "fit" larger photos onto your blog, you could try to go to template, and from there, go to adjust widths and play around with the settings there. Maybe that will help?! Along with Von, the pictures overlap with the writing on the right. Not sure if that's visible to you or not.

    1. Yeah, the pictures do overlap the right sidebar. Maybe instead of three columns, I'll go with two like I used to with my archive and labels. I'll play around with it. I'm beginning to like the all one color choice too.thanks Anne!

    2. It's looking great Shelley!! I'm glad it worked out for you. I may mess around with my blog look eventually too...looking for a cleaner, more minimalist look :D Hugs!

  5. Lovely stitching progress Shelly! I have been fighting some of the same issues with the blogging frustrating!!

  6. I love your projects! Vintage Star is just beautiful!

  7. Such wonderful projects you have in the works!! This post looks great on my desktop!

  8. Gorgeous stitching and what a beautiful piece of fabric!